Chapter 3 : Unexpected Encounter

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Lavanya was excited to venture out on Sunday unlike her grumpy companion Akash. She had asked her father to give her a list of the nearby Children's homes she could visit on weekends. After the disastrous Friday night, a visit would be just the thing she needed to lift her mood before classes begins on Monday.

" Stop Sulking. Remember, you owe me a favor, I attended the party for you, and you have to spend today with me, " Lavanya spoke as she marched into the address her father gave to her. 

She turned 18 two months ago and had learned about the inheritance she inherited from her paternal grandfather. At the age of 16, she discovered her adopted mother was her biological mother, and it threw her life into chaos for a brief while as she sorted out her feelings. 

On her 18th birthday, her parents told her about the trust fund her paternal grandfather left her. Lavanya didn't want anything to do with his money. The person who hated her mom and caused her mother to live apart from her for six years. But it was her dad who told her about her aunt who used her share to help those who lost their jobs when her grandfather's company went bankrupt, and he also asked Lavanya to think about it and not make a rash decision. 

Lavanya had decided to use it for those in need as well, and since she lived six years of her life in an orphanage, she decided her efforts should be directed towards those causes. She was still close with Savitri dida, the proprietor of Sunshine homes for Children in Kolkata. While she wanted a write a big check for her orphanage, she also knew Sunshine homes didn't lack funds due to the generous contribution of her parents and family.

Lavanya wanted to help those who had no such generous patrons. She visited this orphanage four years ago with her family, a shortstop during their vacation to Delhi, and she was concerned about this place ever since then. While she knew her parents contribute to charities, it is never enough in the world of poverty since this Children's home was located within an hour's drive from Akash house. It felt like a perfect place to start. 

As she stepped inside the place dragging a reluctant Akash, she became faintly aware that the place looked much worse than before, and she had to wonder how dire their circumstances were when the building looked like it may fall apart any day. 

When she stepped inside the proprietor's office, she took in the modest settings, the office was scarcely decorated with furnishings, except for the desk and few chairs.

She briefly worried that he would be upset that she came without calling. But the proprietor introduced himself as Mr. Arvind Pandey was delighted and even took her on a personal tour, Akash who had been reluctant, was stuck with the kids' despair and found himself in rage against their parents who abandoned them.

" Don't blame the parents. Most of the kids are here because their parents died, and no one else was available to take them in. We do our best. But without help, we can do only, what we can " Arvind Pandey spoke up trying to calm Akash. 

Lavanya wanted to use her trust fund to help the kids in this Children's home. But she had promised herself to spend everything after talking with her parents. So she decided to call them first before writing the check. She stepped out for a moment to call her parents when she saw him. In the dim light of the club, she didn't see him clearly, but she knew it was him. 

Her curiosity got the better of her as she followed him and found him entering the orphanage through the back door. She followed him only to stop as she heard voices. 

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