Chapter 12 : House Guests

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One week later .

Lavanya Sanskar Maheshwari was brought up in a family that was known for their charitable endeavours. Yet even her ever kind mom wasn't taken with Lavanya decision .

It all alluded to the fact, Lavanya has no clue about the strangers she has taken into her home. She couldn't very well leave the hungry girl and her mother all alone that day. Yet inviting them into her home wasn't ideal either.

Still she did it, maybe because the girl name was similar to hers, and Lavanya wondered if her life would have been similar if Yash's grandfather abandoned her in a cruel place like Vihaan's Children home.

Lavanya had offered the mother and the child, her home. Even though she knew they were running away from their troubles, she didn't pester them with question.

She hoped they would answer when they realise Lavanya had no intention of harming them. Yet the little girl's mother held on to her silence. Lavanya haven't even got her name since the little girl only called her mom.

She was returning back home after college,  another day of not seeing Vihaan. And as she approached her home, she heard murmur of voices . She had no intention to eavesdrop, so knocked the door and yet the last part of their conversation reached her ears inadvertently .

" I want to go to school, " Ananya Rathore voice echoed in her home. that Lavanya felt a deeper connection with the girl then before, she always wished for such experience when she was home schooled in the children's home.

The conversation stopped the moment Lavanya entered and it was only then she noticed their meager belonging were already lined up, apparently even her silence didn't make the little girl's mom trust her .

" Do you really have to leave? Do you have any place you can go. Do you honestly want me to let you go without the knowledge you will be safe " Lavanya made herself say those words and saw the bleakness in the little girl's mother.

" Ananya go and play inside, I will come soon " the little girl's mom spoke up leaving the two of them alone .

" I don't want to leave, but my pride won't let me stay longer, only my child's hunger made me remain this long. I don't have a place to stay either and I don't care about my safety. I just worry about hers it is why I asked Mr Pandey to let her stay for a little awhile till I could find a job on my own " the little girl's mother spoke up and Lavanya felt relived that for once the girl mother was speaking more than few words .

" Can you tell me if I can help ?" Lavanya asked her, hoping she would convey her fears to her. Lavanya may be young but her family would be able to help her .

Lavanya was glad Mrs Rathore decided to share her burdens with her even if she was vague about her dire circumstances, she had a father who was always put her welfare first and it was daunting to realize not every man does the same.

Mrs Rathore's husband had been a businesses man who took loans that was beyond his means to repay. Lavanya understood that not all business thrive, but when she heard about how her husband mortgaged their house and sold everything that his wife had to lose himself on drinks after his company went bankrupt.

Lavanya never knew people could be that irresponsible that their kids had to starve, Mrs Rathore obviously ran away from her husband creditors. And Lavanya had promised that she will help her in any way she can, starting with trying to obtain a job for her .

After talking with her father who had promised to look into Mrs Rathore husband debt through his acquaintance in Delhi, he asked if Lavanya would be willing to send them to her home instead .

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