Chapter 2 : My Little Brother

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Ten years ago

The little girl woke up and marched outside her bedroom in haste. As she gently opened her adjoining room and peeped inside. She became very still at the sight that greeted her.

Her father was holding her brother in his arms. A pang of envy rushed in for a second before her father noticed her. The envy intensified when her father placed his finger on his lips, reminding her not to make a sound as it would wake her brother.

The dejected little girl went back to her room without a word and kept hoping her father would visit her next to greet her. But when he didn't, she got upset. Her father had promised to love them equally, and she knew he would not lie. Yet her heart broke a little that he didn't visit her room.

Lavanya kept wondering the whole day at school if she was losing her father's love. Even her best friend Gauri noticed her sadness and asked her about it. When the classes got over, she rushed out of her classroom to get back home. She stopped midway as her eyes found her mother waiting for her instead of her father.

" Where is dad ?" She asked as she got inside the car.

" He got stuck in a meeting with a client beta. He will come home soon, " her mom answered back, but Lavanya wasn't satisfied.

Usually, she would rush in to greet her brother first. But that day, she headed straight to her room. She didn't know her grandmother was visiting until she walked into her room with her little brother in her arms.

She loved her brother as much as her tiny heart could but with the newfound insecurities, she didn't like seeing her brother at the moment when she was feeling down.

" Lavanya beta, can you keep an eye on your brother?. I will go help your mom in the kitchen " her grandma spoke up, placed him on her bed, and left her alone with her brother.

Currently, Lavanya was playing with her mermaid doll, it was the first gift her father brought her after they adopted her from the Children's home. She always valued the doll more than the other ones.

When his brother reached for the doll in her hand, Lavanya instantly drew it back from his reach. She didn't want him to chew it up or break it like all the other dolls she gave to him.

Her mother told her little kids tend to break stuff. Lavanya had never broken anything when she was young because all she had to play with was a stuffed doll that she had to share with all her friends.

At her refusal, his little eyes began to fill with tears. Lavanya desperately tried to calm him down, but his eyes were fixated on the doll in her hand. She tried giving him all her other dolls, but he was adamant about the mermaid doll.

" No Yuv, You may break it, " she gently spoke to her brother. But then he started to wail and cry that it brought her grandmother back inside.

It took her grandmother a few moments to get a grasp of the situation, and she gently plucked the doll out of her hands and gave it to her brother.

" You got to share your toy with your brother Lavanya dear " with the statement and smile on her face she left, leaving Lavanya in tears.

She missed how her grandma cooked her favorite foods for her, how she was the center of attention to everyone, especially her parents.

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