Epilogue :" A Proposal {Part 1}"

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               And it time to bid goodbye to this story . Thanks to everyone who read this story this far and it means a lot that I had your support till the end . Won't be able to mention everyone of you in person but will always treasure your feedback and Votes .

Few Years Later .

                Lavanya Sanskar Maheshwari got up little late than usual , she had always been a early riser but not today owing to the fact she couldn't sleep last night due to sheer excitement , after all today was the first step along her life long dream . Her first day of work . She got ready as quick as possible and rushed to greet her parents before heading out .

           " Good Morning dad ,mom and Yuv " she spoke in rush tones as she tried to grab  food from Yuv plate . Her mom looked at in her despair for skipping breakfast and handed over the already packed breakfast into her hands .

             " Let me drive you Princess " her father offered and she nodded her head in answer after bidding goodbye to her enthusiastic brother and mom , she left with her dad as they drove to the hospital  .

                     At the sight of the hospital the nervousness kicked in ,she didn't expect to feel the fear as well . She wanted to do well in her job and help the little kids yet worried nevertheless .

                      " Princess , It is going to be okay .  Today you only have only one  appointment right , so just relax and you can do it " her father spoke up and she smiled at him as she bid him goodbye  , and yet when she stepped inside it felt surreal . Until her eyes landed on him . Her Boyfriend Vihaan Mehrotra .

                       His eyes held her for a long moment as if it has been days since he last her when it been just twelve hours . He looked as if he belonged in the hospital not just because the major share holder of the hospital had been Rajeev Singh ,his brother but because it has already been a year since he started working in the hospital .  

                " Good Morning Angel " he greeted her with a smile as she walked towards him , it relived her greatly when she got recruited into the same hospital , though Rajeev was her family . He never would interfere in favor of them , Vihaan got his job with his merit and so did she that why it felt too good to be true .

              " Good Morning Vihaan , what are you doing here ..You got a surgery scheduled today right " Lavanya asked him ,she knew his schedule as much as him  because from the first patient he had treated to the last surgery he had shared everything with her.

                 Vihaan had told her once ,becoming a doctor wasn't his ambition due to noble reasons but an monetary decision back when they were in college together ,and she understood his decision back then when he was alone in the world and had only himself to rely upon ,yet after he started working in the hospital ,she knew his reasons changed as his face would always be lit up with a smile when a patient got discharged after recovery and the first time someone died on his watch ,he had been wretched with grief for over a month that Lavanya felt helpless unable to help him .

            " Yes , the surgery is scheduled in two hours and though your boyfriend is working here for over a year . I am still not in charge of the surgeries ,just going to assist the doctor ,so you can relax . Unlike you who got a patient all for yourself " he teased her and it was true ,her first patient was going to be a little baby brought in for her Vaccination . Her heart flickered between elation and worry at pricking the needle into a few months old baby . The Child parents are going to entrust the baby care into her hands and Lavanya felt the weight of it and also the happiness to be of help to kids .

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