Chapter 11: Cruel Reality

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One week later

It has been a week since Lavanya saw Vihaan. After dropping him off at work from Airport she expected to meet him again, but it was as if he went back to avoiding her

It frustrated her that just when she thought she managed to break his isolation, he went back to hiding all over again. A part of her knew it might be just a coincidence and he might have been busy not avoiding her .

But the latter fact bothered her more as well, it was one thing to know he was avoiding her, it was another to realize she didn't even matter to him . After 7 days of frustration she decided to visit the Anjali's Children's home  in hopes of meeting him .

She only met the proprietor Mr Pandey instead, she had no choice but to allow herself to be persuaded to join the others who had visited the orphanage for a tour .

If Lavanya hadn't been aware of Mr Pandey before she would have been taken by his sweet words as well. Every words from him was meant to wrench heart as he highlighted the suffering of the kids.

It was only when they got to Anjali, her self imposed calmness cracked as he heard him describe Anjali's life in cruel terms right before the little kid .

" This is Anjali. Her mother was one of the fallen women's you see. Who couldnt take care of her due to her chosen profession, when I went to ask her so I could provide a safe home for this little girl, she didn't even hesitate to give the girl to us .

But it had been already over a month before we managed to bring Anjali here, for first few days I didn't believe she would survive, and I couldn't even afford to give her the best medical treatment yet I did my best and see how healthy she is now " Mr Pandey finished speaking while Lavanya gaze was fixed at the little girl awhile Mr Pandey shed few more crocodile tears.

Something about the little girl face tugged her heart, and so Lavanya stayed behind while Mr Pandey moved on to elaborate his greatness.

" Anjali, are you crying? " Lavanya gently asked the little girl ,as contrary to the bubbly girl she met this one was little too silent .

" No, I am waiting till he leaves before playing with my new doll Bhai brought me last night " the girl answered back making Lavanya aware that she was the only one excluded from Vihaan reach.

" Does it affect you?  What Mr Pandey said " Lavanya asked as she was still worried about the little girl, even when she was in an Children's home she was never once forced to hear such words against her parents .

" I know he lied. Bhai told me my parents died in an train accident and it was true I was sick, bhai told me all about it even now he refuses to let me play in rain " Anjali finished speaking up with confidence in Vihaan words that Lavanya was relived the child wasn't scarred by Pandey words .

It didn't diminish her anger though, Vihaan might not be able to raise his voice against Mr Pandey and the kids who are under his protection may not be able to speak up, but Lavanya couldn't stay silent .

So when she left Anjali after playing with the little kid for awhile , she went straight to the proprietor room . She walked in without a knock and was surprised to find a smiling Pandey and when Lavanya looked at the object of his happiness, she found he was holding few checks in his hand .

His face turned into a shock at her sight, but within few seconds he managed to erase the smile of his face .

" Isn't it wonderful when people like you find in their heart to help this unfortunate ones " Pandey voice greeted her and his eyes were filled with greed that Lavanya wondered if it was good to make an enemy out of him.

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