Chapter 26 : FareWell

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Hi guys back with an update ,hope it lives up to your expectation .


Akash had finally relented and called his mother , though he was angry with his mother loyalty towards his father ,he couldn't continue to maintain his silence yet he refused to meet her before leaving ,he didn't have it in him to see her at that moment .

As he stepped inside the airport ,all he felt was despair that yet again his life was uprooted on his father whim , his father had relocated their family once when he was young from Kolkata to Delhi and though Akash had struggled with the move even back then .

And now the thought of leaving behind his mom and friends didn't sit well with him , it wasn't forever he knew that still he felt restless for leaving them without so much as a phone call ,they had called him constantly for a whole day then it abruptly stopped for the last twelve hours ,it bothered him as well . The absence of their calls .

He checked his wrist watch and found he had an hour before checking in as he turned to look for a place to wait ,he glanced at several families biding goodbye to their loved ones ,it was 2 Am and yet people filled the airport for sending their loved one on their journey ,yet another thing he missed and then his eyes saw a banner that had his name inscribed on it .

A group of people stood beside the banner , " We will Miss You Akash Reddy " , He read the banner message twice before looking down at the faces that held it and his heart felt a jolt of surprise . Because it was his friends , he took in all the faces and realized almost everyone from his class was present in the group and it also included few of his school friends and even on or two neighbourhood friends he had lost contact with recently .

Soon one of them saw him ,and then started the chaos where he was hugged,berated for leaving them without a word, few don't forget me command , and almost most of them said he will be missed and akash felt his emotion overwhelm him for a moment .

He never let his mask slip towards them but at that moment he didn't care as he let them realize how touched he was by their gesture . He talked with all of them conveying at least few words to each in person ,he was too swamped up that he barely noticed when three person arrived behind him .

He turned around to see his mother, Lavanya and Vihaan from their lack of breath he assumed they were running to catch him . His smiled faltered at the sight of his mother bruised face ,it was a painful remainder of everything .

" Uff I thought we will be late " Lavanya spoke up as she rushed to embrace him in a friendly hug. And then promptly burst into tears that it broke his heart ,she was the girl he loved inspite of his heart break he was glad to have met a friend like her .

" You should have let me drive " Vihaan answered a bit later when Lavanya looked upto her boyfriend , it was the right thing to say because she glared at her boyfriend and forgot about crying .

" I know you won't want me to be here ,but your friends were too demanding and they refused to go without me and I know you would want to see them " his mothers word froze him , it was the truth and yet from her words it was as if she was talking all the blame ,just like how she accepted it from her father .

" I am sorry ,I should have come to see you once " Akash admitted even now he was doing everything because of her ,and if she still continued to be hurt by his silence what was the whole purpose of his decisions .

Lavanya stepped out of his embrace and all but pushed him towards his mother , he wanted to mend the rift but instead he choose to go with humor at the sight of her tears .

" Don't worry , I will bring you back a foreign bahu and possibly few grandchildren as well .." Akash spoke up , and all his friends laughed at it except his mom who looked really panicked and was already worried about her husband reaction .

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