Chapter 6 : Avoidance

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Hi guys back with an update ,hope it lives up to your expectations.

A Month later

Lavanya had always been persistent when she set her mind on a course and it was with that persistence, she had tried to gain the friendship of Vihaan .

A month later she had to admit defeat. Because Vihaan was alone not because no one tried to befriend him , it was because he avoids them as if they are contagious.

The first time after her decision to befriend him they met in the Library and this time she managed to make herself say the two words of greeting " Hi Vihaan " which was met with a silence as if he didn't recognize her .

The next time she took the advice from her father and visited Vihaan's orphanage with snacks and juices . Her father had told her, if she couldn't trust the proprietor then she could help the kids by being more direct .

That was why she went to the orphanage with snacks in form of biscuits, cake and fruits . It was met with such a warm welcome from the kids she decided to do so whenever possible .

But her encounter with the proprietor after made her realize it won't be welcomed as he advised her eating snacks may ruin kids appetite for dinner.  Also more or less asked her to contribute towards feeding them for everyday than one meal .

So Lavanya decided that it was for the best to never cross path with him again, and yet she knew she can't stay away from helping the kids as well .

She hoped to see Vihaan that day but didn't got a chance till the next visit , he was working on the orphanage when she stumbled inside carrying and dragging the big bag of clothes she brought the kids based on what she noticed from the last two visits .

She didn't notice him but he apparently did as his hands took over her luggage from her,  her eyes kept wandering to him throughout the day, but he refused to acknowledge her. Lavanya was disappointed to be always the one who was intrigued by him while she remained a stranger to him.

It was only when she walked away from the orphanage that day, she found herself facing him again . He looked at her for awhile before spoke up .

" Be careful , once he notices then you might not be welcomed again " with the vague warning he went back inside and Lavanya realized that for all his nonchalance he cares about the orphanage .

If he risked his job to feed the kids in the orphanage and being a medical student who works part time job finds time to visit the orphanage, he is someone who cares about the kids .

He might be aloof and distant but each aspect she learns about him made her admire him more than before yet he still avoided her .

Their path crossed again when she went to Akash father's hotel with his family for a dinner and saw him working , she wanted to use the said information to visit often but decided that would be unfair to him as it would be like disturbing his work environment. And expect those few incidence they never crossed path with each other over the month .

In the last one month, life moved on as well.  After the initial weeks of leisure, the classes became more taxing, She had assignments that needed her to stay awake over night , she had finally managed to make two friends who didn't think Akash is worth avoiding her. A fact she was proud of as she missed her family and friends so very much each passing day .

The phone call, the video chat, the text message weren't enough,  Lavanya never used her phone as much as she did this last month. Sometime she would talk over a hour with her family, sometime just to say a brief greeting but in spite of all those talks she missed them .

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