Chapter 24 : Closure

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Hi guys back with an update ,hope it lives up to your expectations.


Lavnaya kept glancing at him as they drove towards the hospital , her father insisted he come along with them and even Akash tagged along as soon as he learnt about it.

Lavnaya wanted Vihaan to understand he wasn't alone and yet she remained worried about him as they drove to their destination ,when the doctors said only family member can visit Lavnaya realized though she wanted to be by his side ,it was battle he need to fight by himself .

He didn't say a word as he walked inside the room ,Lavnaya felt her father hand on her shoulders as she leaned on to him for support , then she turned toward akash who looked grim as his eyes were fixed on the door that separated them from Vihaan and his past.


Vihaan starred at the man and expected to feel hint of any emotions but all he felt was numb . This was the person who mande Vihaan cower in fear ,this was the person who killed his mother ,and because of him Vihaan lost his sister .

Vihaan expected the anger ,rage he felt over the years to rush back at the sight of him ,but all he felt was regret for holding on to the hatred for so long for a man who probably doesn't deserve a place even in his mind .

Then his eyes fluttered open and he saw Vihaan , after a moment of scrutiny his face exhibited a hint of recognition ,Vihaan wasn't surprised since he looked exactly like him when he had been young . He waited for a moment to see a hint of regret in his face but there was none .

Vihaan wanted to walk away , he only came because he needed a closure to his past but facing the man who was on the brink of death failed to give him what he needed because there was no answer to be given ,Vihaan always knew his father was a monster ..A monster who killed his mother .

" Vihaan " the single word stopped him in his track as he turned around once again to see him . He waited for a moment ,thinking he will speak up but all he got was silence that each passing second it frustrated him more that he could no longer remain silent .

" I am not here out of misplaced love , and i am no longer the kid who cowered in fear at the sight of you . I am here to tell you inspite of everything , I learned to survive in this world . I always hoped or assumed that you would have lived a better life after running away but yet you choose to remain a monster . That is why you are here right now without a single soul by your side who would mourn your death " Vihaan spoke up as he walked away from the past that haunted him .

When he walked outside the room ,three pair of eyes looked at him with concern. His Angel looked to be in tears for him ,his friend looked angry on behalf of him and his angel dad remained concerned about him . He wanted to hold his angel in his arms , but he couldn't make himself move towards her instead he welcomed the hug from Akash .

" Let go home " his angel dad spoke up as they all made their way out of the hospital , during that day Vihaan didn't know his angel dad took over the legal obligation on behalf of Vihaan .

All Vihaan remembered were signing few papers in the hospital as the sole living relative of the patient . Yet his mind was solely occupied on his past , memory can be trickier that he was shocked when his mind remembered a single instance where his father brought him a bicycle at the age of three for his birthday .

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