Chapter 27 : Living Together

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Lavanya was nervous to meet Vihaan family ,she had met them once before and after that their paths haven't crossed . After the initial shock Vihaan seemed to be taken with the idea as he drove her car to their house ,she was the one left with being nervous and it didn't help that the house looked like a mansion .

Vihaan didn't allow to carry any bags ,they had only taken the personal items for now . The furniture and the rest would be moved to the storage room tomorrow and Vihaan promised to take care of it as well .

Lavanya heart though welled with happiness to see Vihaan walking into the house as if it his own, no hesitation before entering the house . She was thankful that he was holding her hand as they walked inside the house .

And then she was in the living room as she took in Vihaan family , Anjali was playing with her dolls while her parents were talking with each other but the moment Anjali spotted them ,she ran over to them . Lavanya expected her to greet Vihaan first and was surprised when she ran straight into her .

" Lavanya di .." Anjali child-like greeting was filled with excitement and love that Lavanya began to relax and then Anjali mom walked towards them to greet her.

" I am so happy to have you around Lavanya , I would love having a sister to talk "Anjali mom greeted her and Lavanya heard from Vihaan how good she had been towards Anjali and him ,that Lavanya wanted to make a favourable impression on her ,and it helped to see her warm smile as she greeted Lavanya.

" As always everyone forget about me when you arrive Vihaan " this statement came from Rajeev ,who was smiling at Vihaan that Lavanya understood his teasing was a regular occurrence . Because Vihaan only smiled in return .

It was at that moment Lavanya remembered his help in finding Akash travelling plans , without his help they wouldn't have known about Akash schedule ,he had a friend working in the Airport who checked the passengers list for them .

" Thank You for helping us say goodbye to Akash , it meant a lot to me that I got to see him before he left " Lavanya greeted him .

" I do feel it kind of my fault that the poor kid is forced to move away from his friends ,but I don't want to do business with his father " Rajeev answered back .

" Akash didn't feel so ,he asked me to tell you that it wasn't your fault " Vihaan spoke up next to her and she saw Rajeev face relax at his words . It must have weighed heavily on him .

Soon Lavanya was ushered to her room by Anjali and her mom , it was huge room yet the furniture and the view made it feel like a place she could make it her own , it wasn't furnished with extravagance but modern and yet comfortable furniture and the huge bed that made her smile ,Lavanya liked her sleep time . It also had a balcony that was compact and yet held a beautiful view .

" I am not lying Lavanya, it would be so nice to have you around . One gets tired of Vihaan and Rajeev always talking about business .." Anjali mom spoke up as she was looking around her room .

Lavanya felt that thought Vihaan isn't related to them by blood ,they are still his family and keeping them in the dark about their relationship isn't wise .

" Actually we are dating " Lavanya spoke up and waited for her to react ,but there was no flicker of surprise in her face at the news .

" No Vihaan didn't tell us ,but it is quite evident from the way he looks at you . And I am happy for him ,but there are house rules ,kissing his allowed provided it is not in front of our daughter . And curfew is at 12 Pm and I expect to get a message if you are going to be late " Anjali mom spoke up and Lavanya burst into laughter , she tried to keep her voice strict at the mention of rules but gave herself away with a smile that threatened to appear .

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