Chapter 4 : His Angel

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4 years ago

Vihaan counted the days before he could be free from the prison he found himself in called Orphanage. He turned 15 that day and was feeling dejected at the pain of losing the one person who could have loved him .

Anjali ,his sister shared her birthday with him . Which made the day all the more bitter. He walked to the school , even from an young age he found school as his safe harbour and it didn't change when he moved to the orphanage .

He had no friends and he preferred it that way , his mood dimmed to all time low when he saw the music teacher walking with her son . A place he dreamed to achieve in his innocence .

It was after he lost Anjali. And he became furious with the Monster that he disobeyed him in front of those who came to visit the orphanage . He wanted to lash back and found himself spilling the monster secrets.

He thought there was no pain he couldn't bear until the monster locked him up in an storage room for two days . It drained all the fight in him that when he went to school the next time he found himself asking his music teacher to adopt him .

And that when he realized , how wrong he was to consider a act of kindness as love. She was one who insisted Vihaan continue his studies in the same school to the monster and convinced him that she could enroll Vihaan in the scholarship program as he was a bright student and hence the monster won't have to pay anything.

He misinterpreted her kindness to be love , then she avoided him at every instance till he got the message loud and clear ,no more lunch box as well . And it saddened him to admit he missed the lunch boxes more .

Today he felt reckless , so instead of entering his class room he walked away . He found himself starring at his old house . The house was still empty and under his father name .

It was a pathetic attempt to wish his drunken abusive father would return back and get him out of the orphanage. When a part of him knows he will never set foot in this place again after all he was still wanted for murdering his wife .

He let himself inside using the window as he often did , he had hidden a secret shelf of items he treasured in his room and reached into it and one of them was his sister picture with their mother .

It was taken a month after she was born and Vihaan wanted to take one with her as well ,but his mother declined his request . He never could understand her hatred for him until recently . All he knew about their family came from his father drunken words .

His mother was born in a rich family and her circumstances changed when she got herself pregnant with him. Her parents opposed the match and they eloped hoping to secure their acceptance later when it was denied and her mother was forced to face poverty , her love turned into hatred not only for her husband but also for the son .

His father who didn't get the comfortable life he dreamed about after marrying in such an early age , resorted to drinking and violence at his mother and him for destroying his life, In the end Vihaan had two parents who hated each other and him .

The house failed to cheer him up ,as all he remembered was his forgotten birthday . So he headed back to the Orphanage and hoped his path didn't cross with the monster tonight but luck wasnt on his side .

" Where is my money ? " the monster voice echoed and Vihaan knew luck wasn't on his side.

" I didn't take it " he answered back even when he knew his words won't be believed .

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