Chapter 17 : I am Sorry

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Anjali looked into the eyes of the stranger who was carrying her in his arms, he promised her that she will have a room of her own. And lot of toys to play with, but Anjali cared not for any of it.

She didn't want to go with the stranger, it has always been her bhai the one who promised to take her home, who had promised to buy her a big bed and all the toys she wanted, it had always been her bhai she wanted not this stranger though she had to admit he had a nice smile.

She tried not to cry in front of him,  because her bhai told her not to cry before him and he also told her that he will not allow anyone to take her away from him, yet she was in a stranger car and she wanted to cry so much.

When the stranger opened the car, she got down, but she didn't like the new place, it was so big and their was mean looking guy waiting for her in the gate and she was so scared .

" Anjali " She turned around at the sound of her brother voice and she saw him walking towards her from the house, she didn't care to wait for him, as she ran to him as fast as her chubby legs could go .

In a matter of seconds she was wrapped in her brother arms and then only then she began to cry. Anjali never cried like it before, but she almost believed her bhai forgot about her .

" Shhh My sister, it is fine I am here . Don't cry Anjali please " Her brother's voice made her look at him, and she noticed he was crying as well .

She used her tiny fingers to wipe them away because she never saw him cry and it made her feel sad for making him cry .

Rajeev looked at the scene before him and realized the reason Vihaan went to the extent for Anjali, his little girl loved him. He didn't take his wife with him to pick her up.

Anjali had been smiling and laughing when he visited the last two times, but today there had been fear in her eyes and he knew she wasn't ready to move in with them and his belief came true when she run towards Vihaan.

" Vihaan, let us get Anjali inside " Rajeev saw his wife speaking to Vihaan. He loved her and he would have given the world for her, yet he couldn't give her the child she craved, there was no miracle for him in the field of medicine.

It was a very hard decision they made when they opted to adopt and now to realise the kid might not want them, terrified him.

Would he have still chosen her if he knew about Vihaan he can't say, but he loved the little one from the first time she smiled at him, that showcased her dimples.

He was still lost in his thoughts that his wife had to walk towards him to gain his attention. Her hands clasped around his offering comfort and taking comfort she surely needed as well.

They both walked inside together and they froze when they overheard Anjali's speech.

" Let us go home bhai ,I won't stay here .Take me with you " the little girl was beyond reasoning as he cried all over again .

" Anjali, look at me. They both love you and will give you everything you want and I will visit more than I visit you in the Children's home. They are not going to keep us apart as I feared , please Anjali don't cry " Vihaan was whispering to his sister trying to make her understand the change of circumstances.

Vihaan looked at them filled with guilt, but then diverted his attention to the little girl trying to convince her. As Rajeev stood helpless because he can't neither interfere or find a solution.

Vihaan held his sister as she drifted of to sleep. She made him promise he will be around when she woke up, a promise he had given without his consent just to make her stop crying.

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