Chapter 20 : Kiss

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Two days later

" Give me all the details like now, have you kissed yet ?, how was your first kiss  " Lavanya starred at the message and groaned in agony. She wanted to share her happiness with someone, since she can't share it with Gauri who was going through a breakup, she told Kavya and the result is the constant stream of messages .

And though Lavanya won't answer back to Kavya message, the answer was No. Yes her heart flutters every time she sees him on campus and yes they held hands and it felt wonderful and last night they went on an official date together. And since she had no one to share the news with, she told Kavya and hence partially to be blamed for the messages from her .

Last night she realized the horrors of dressing up which drained all her energy when she tried all the clothes in her wardrobe in an attempt to find the one, by the time Vihaan came to pick her up. She was way too exhausted that she fell asleep half way through the movie.

When he woke her up as the movie credits rolled in, she felt miserable but Vihaan didn't seem to mind or take offense to her behavior. He drove her back home in his bike and she expected any sort of affection from his side, a kiss would have been welcomed but he simply waved her good bye and left, she blamed herself for falling asleep and ruining the first date .

Yet by the time she was cuddled in her bed and he texted her Good night, she was back to being giddy, yes they texted often in the last 48 hours. Maybe maybe next time he will kiss her, she hoped as she got ready for college .

Her eyes landed on Akash first who was flirting with half of the class, and yet when her classmates eyes landed on her, she saw the flicker of jealousy because Akash stopped his flirting midway to greet her.

" Hmmm, When will they stop hating me. I do have a boyfriend you know " Lavanya spoke up as greeted Akash with a smile and maybe she was too happy that she didn't notice his smile faltered at her words.

" So how was the hot date. Wait don't tell me. I can't believe my two friends are dating and thus making me the third wheel " Akash whined a little, but Lavanya laughter at his theatrics .

" Come on, I had been the fifth wheel for so long, let me enjoy my new found freedom from being single " Lavanya answered back, it was true she was the one who had no date for their outings before Gauri had Arnav bhai and Kavya would bring the date of her month which let her being fifth wheel most of the days.

" And here comes the man of the hour and I leave the two of you alone ." Akash words made her turn around to see him,  and her face lit up in a smile at his presence.

" Good Morning " She greeted him, and only felt a ghost of smile when he simply looked at her with affection, ever since that night when he told her about his past, he had let go of his barriers a little and she liked that he no longer held himself back from her .

" Good Morning Lavanya " He spoke up when he reached her side. And they talked for a few minutes, if asked what they talked about Lavanya would barely remember half of them because her mind was still so new to this version of Vihaan who talks more than one word, and with the promise to pick her up after classes he left for his class and Lavanya inspite of being a model student found it hard to concentrate on the class that day .

By the time the classes end, Lavanya had been the first to leave the room . She was glad to see him waiting for her and wondered how he reached before her. She looked at him in question and his answer made her giddy with happiness.

" The last class got cancelled " he admitted and Lavanya heart thrilled with revelation, he choose to wait for her over an hour instead of asking Akash to drive her home. Since she wanted to spend some time with Vihaan, she opted to drive with Akash in the morning thus leaving her car behind.

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