Chapter 15 : Holidays

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One Month Later

Lavanya was happy to finally head back home, she booked the first flight back. It has been a hectic month with exams and late night study sessions.

But she was glad that it kept her occupied from thoughts of Vihaan, she had avoided him and refused to talk with him, even when their paths crossed each other .

Yet she kept counting them, a glimpse of him was so important that she remembered all fifteen of them. He tried to talk with her the first three times and her silence made her stance clear as he avoided trying to talk with her again.

It was hard to keep him away from her thoughts for long though, she missed him and visited Anjali often in hopes the little girl will talk about her bhai.

The children's home proprietor and she had decided upon a truce. Since he can't ask her to stop giving the kids everything she liked and he realised she had no intention of writing a check, he resorted to ignoring her which suited her just fine .

Yesterday when she went to bid goodbye to Anjali and the others kids, she told them how she will come to visit them once she returned. They were sad to realise she won't visit them for awhile, but they were excited about the box of gifts she brought for each of them .

She took special care when she considered Anjali and brought her drawing book and set of crayons because Lavanya had noticed the little girl interest in drawing, and felt it was a perfect gift for her .

Letting Anjali know was her way was letting Vihaan know about it as well, as her flight landed she raced out to see her dad and brother waiting for her. She rushed towards them with a huge smile.

She may be a grown up, but still her father's embrace was comforting that she didn't want to let go of him. And only allowed herself to let go to greet her brother.

" How is my little champ? , I did miss you so so much " Lavanya hugged her little brother and ruffled his hair and though he used to hate it,/he simply allowed it for now .

" I am going to drive your car, " Lavanya spoke up to her father as they reached the parking spot, when her dad taught her drive they used her mother's car as it was easy to drive and then she went for college . She never gotten to drive her father's fancy car yet .

The car may be older than her brother, but it held so many wonderful memories for her, she remembered the first drive she took in the car beside her mother as they drove her home from the orphanage.

Thinking about it made her think about Vihaan, everything leads right back to him. She promised herself that she will never allow a moment of sadness to cloud her family time.

She wasn't prepared to greeted by her entire family as she stepped into her house, she only expected her mother in the kitchen cooking her favorite dishes. She was indeed cooking for her, but not alone she had Ragini aunty and Uttara aunty with her .

As she gave her uncles each a hug, she turned around to greet her cousins. She noticed how they all looked grown up and suddenly she felt overwhelmed by how much she missed each one of them .

" They all look grown up " She spoke up as she looked at her dad who was talking with his brother .

" See my princess gets me. Just now I was telling your uncle. You looked grown up as well, sometime I do wish you were still my little girl then I can just tucked you in your room and keep you here with me " Lavanya's dad spoke up and Lavanya just beamed at her father with a smile.

"I had lost 100 bucks to Ragini because I was sure you will not allow Lavanya to stay that far from you. I was sure you will move your entire family to be with her " Laksh uncle spoke up, a laughter lighting up his face and before lavanya could respond her father spoke up surprising her .

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