Chapter 30 : A Silent Night for confessions

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Vihaan couldn't sleep that night, after the initial shock wore off he had million question about his sister, his Angel's parents answered each of them patiently until he noticed they were exhausted from their trip that he felt guilty and asked them to sleep, so they can talk tomorrow .

His Angel remained by his side throughout the day, it was her special day and yet everyone was concerned about him. He is yet to tell Rajeev bhai and Divya di as he didn't want to wake them from their sleep .

His Angel choose to retire with her parents at his insistence, he didn't want to keep her awake as well. Her knew he won't probably sleep and that was an hour ago. His hand clutched the gift in his pocket since he forgot all about it .

A gentle tap at his door made him wonder who would be at the door this time around, he opened it to reveal his Angel standing there looking at him .

" I know you wouldn't have slept, mom said you have a special gift for me. Give me, it is almost 12 " his Angel spoke up and it took him a moment to get hold of his thoughts as he fumbled through his pocket to hand over the gift.

Lavanya simply barged inside his room as she clutched the gift in her hand and began opening it, he had been waiting to see her face lit up and so he focussed on her and the smile that lit up her face meant everything.

When Lavanya asked him how he happen to have it, he explained it to her leaving out the monster's punishment. She didn't need to know that as it may make her feel sad .

" You kept it this long without giving me, hmmm. Maybe I should take my gift back as well " his Angel spoke up and he wondered what gift she was talking about as she handed over the camera to him.

"I am sure you want to see her again, tomorrow we will call her in video call for now this is all I can give, don't worry I already saw the entire video " his Angel spoke up yet again as she handed over her brother's  video to him.

" What if she didn't want anything to do with me? "Vihaan knew his voice faltered towards the end .

"Oh Vihaan, of course she would want you. Trust me, she is going to be so lucky to have a brother like you. If you don't trust my word ask Anjali . " his Angel words were soothing his hidden fears.

" Do try to sleep " his Angel spoke up when he remained silent and was about to walk away when he held her hand and tugged her towards him gently. She didn't say a word as she wrapped her hands around him .

"Thank You for everything, without you I would have never found her and without you I would have never found happiness either . You know when I first saw you all those years ago you looked like an Angel, and the  truth is in my life you were an Angel, My Angel .

Happy Birthday Lavanya. Thank you for making your way into my life. You hoped that we would be friends by my next birthday and I was too frightened to even hope for that back then. Yet now I find it hard to believe how far we come together.

I love your kindness that would help a stranger into your home. I love your big heart that would give up your bracelet for Roshini, I love your selflessness that asked me to give your gift to Anjali and I love your loyalty towards your family, but most of all I Love You Lavanya, the girl who made me believe in love and the girl who loved me first " Vihaan spoke up, and wondered if it was soon they have been dating for quite sometime, yet both of them held back from those words until now .

Maybe he had been vulnerable today, that he couldn't held back anymore . And he was relived when his Angel tipped her head back to kiss him. In her kiss he found the answer to his confession, she may have not voiced it but for now it was more than enough .

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