Chapter 33 : Step Back .

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Hi guys back with an update, hope it lives up to your expectations .

Two hours later

Pavithra Rathore had lived in a better times where she isn't copped up in an jail cell on a false charge , she knew it was a mistake to speak up against her immediate supervisor to the Restaurant owner but she had noticed that his behavior towards the younger staff had crossed a line on more than one occasion ,she had tried to be around them as much as possible but she felt the need to speak up . So she did not realizing that her supervisor was the nephew of her boss wife .

It had been a huge change to move from Singapore , but her circumstances called for a change where she was hounded by the creditor's . Getting verbally harassed by them and stalked whenever she went out that it had made her worry about her daughter safety ,hence she risked moving back to India .

It had been two hours since she was brought to the police station and all the awhile her mind wandered about her daughter ,she felt helpless as she remained unable to protect her . When she first met Lavanya ,she knew an angel has been sent to save them . And when she met her family ,she felt like all the burden she held on to where no longer an concern .

She had been an housewife all her life and thrust into the world where she needs to be a bread winner had been a difficult change but the job helped as it was not just work but her passion to cook. She has only completed few online courses back when she was married and wallowed in grief at the continued absence of a child.

It was her husband who insisted she do something to occupy her mind then give into the grief , cooking always calmed her and so she applied for few online courses and it was through a mutual acquaintance on this course ,she had stumbled upon the idea of adoption .

Even then the threat that someone would snatch her kid away made her insist that the kid should be adopted from India ,as she lived in Singapore she felt the miles of distance between them would keep her real surviving family away . None of it helped as her brother found her ,not a distant cousin or long lost uncle. Her own brother and from the day she learnt about his existence ,her happiness at the new found job and stability vanished .

The Maheshwari's assured her ,he will not take her daughter away from her . Even their daughter came to vouch for her boyfriend but the fact is she was intimated by his family , she had been prepared to accept a 19 year old brother and didn't expect to come across a entire family who are immensely rich , because she met his family once in Singapore in a party the most successful businessman Rajeev Singh and his wife Divya Singh weren't in the equation . And she felt threatened at their power .

Every one has been cordial when she went to meet them first ,but she felt like an outsider among them . Once she used to mingle alongside them when her husband was not a drunkard and leaning towards ruin . The moment everyone heard of his downfall ,they alienated her and the so called friends of her , ignored her as if fearing she would ask their help when things got dire due to her husband debts .

She had bottled up those insecurity when she moved to India ,initially it made her very reluctant to accept Lavanya help ,the only reason she let go of her pride had been for her daughter and now she is worried about the daughter.

Pavithra knew how much of help the Maheshwari's did to her family , no legal laws or court could keep those debtors away from her unless they were already paid by someone else ,she suspected they paid , yet didn't ask Lavanya family if they helped with the debt because it would make it too real ,that a stranger had paid her husband debt .

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