Chapter 36 : Being Loved {Part 3}

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Because you asked for it ,here you go one more part . As we reach the end I just want to say Thank You for reading this book till the end .


Lavanya Rathore looked at him ,her brother as everyone said who was even now playing with his sister and she wondered if they would have been as close as those two if they weren't separated and grew up together . It was new feeling to realize she has a brother and she didn't know how to act about it .

" I asked him not to tell you and he left because he respected my wish . " her mom had told her a little awhile ago . And she remembered him unknowingly calling her by the name Anjali the last time he visited and she couldn't dwell on it for long as Yuv walked towards her with a frown on his face .

" Why have I always been left out everything ,no one told me " he sulked a little and she smiled at him in answer ,she knew why no one told him because Yuv can't keep a secret .

" Yuv bhai come now , It time to cut the cake " Anjali voice spoke up as the little girl run towards them . And dragged Yuv to the living room where she saw two placement of cakes and her eyes yet again found her brother looking at her this time .

Lavanya knew they have to talk but she wasn't ready yet , still when his friend asked her name .She introduced herself as his sister , and when it was time for her brother to cut the cake ,he let Anjali do it instead who was beaming with happiness .

He was a good brother ,she knew it from the way Anjali kept praising him always but he was still a stranger to her .Granted they met few times before and still they hardly talked except the day her mom got arrested ,he had been there for her that night . Maybe Maybe it won't be so hard to figure it out if she took it step by step .


Vihaan needed some quite time as he slipped in his Angel mom garden , he was nervous ,worried he would say the wrong thing when and if he went inside and talked to his sister ,he knew she was avoiding him and he did nothing to do the opposite either as he choose to give her space ,still he can't go on pretending that by the end of the night he had to speak with her ,more than three words .

He heard his Angel footsteps as he turned towards her ,she didn't say a word at first as she let herself into his arms ,holding her felt right and it calmed his racing heart . She gently tilted her head and he looked at the concern itched in her face .

" How does one go on about it , what did you mom first told to you when they came to adopt you " he asked her ,he heard about her adoption story often but she never told him about the first day till now .

" Actually it was my dad who arrived first , hmmm let me think what he told me , he smiled at me and then told me I am pretty and look like a princess ,also gave me two chocolates and I was quite happy to accept him as my dad " She answered back and only her teasing smile told him ,she was trying to make him smile as well .

" So if i go over and tell Anjali ,that she is pretty and give her three chocolates everything would be okay right " he teased back but behind his line held a hint of worry that he tried to hide .

" No ,Vihaan . My dad calling me princess was not just a compliment to me , I was the rejected kid in the orphanage where no one who come to adopt will even look at me ,but because I believed his words . He had this look in his face that told me ,he was quite happy to meet me ,the smile and his words made me trust him . Gaining a six year old trust is easy and I know your sister might not have the same requirements as I did .

You know when my dad asked if I would come to live with him ,I agreed immediately because I trusted him in such a short span of time , I am sure Lavanya trusts your words as you haven't given her no reason not to ,so tell her what you want to say .Don't hold back those words in fear, speak to her as if you would to your sister because she is your sister Vihaan " his Angel spoke up and he wondered if it could be as easy as she claimed .

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