Chapter 10 : Part of a Family

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Lavanya knocked at his brother door and entere his room. Her heart felt his pain as she starred at his tear strained face, it never crossed her mind that her brother was all grown up.

To her, he was still her little brother whose first word was princess, and she knew deep down her bond with her brother will remain unshaken as she sat beside him.

" Does it matter a lot Yuv, the fact I was adopted ?" Lavanya spoke up and saw the look of hurt in her brother face.

" No di you are my sister no matter what, but why no one told me. Yash knows Meera was adopted, Gauri di knows Ishaan was adopted but why was I never told " Yuvraj spoke up and Lavanya realized her brother was more hurt by the secrecy than the fact she was adopted.

" Yuv, we are sorry you had to find it this way. Our parents didn't mean to keep it a secret, it just that you were always their little son that there wasn't a right time to let you know. I know Yash is younger than you but Meera was adopted when he was of an age where he could understand unlike you.

You were a little baby Yuv and how can anyone explain to a baby that I was your adopted sister. It was easier to just say I am your sister and yes we should have told you when you grew up, but we didn't for that I am sorry " Lavanya spoke up hoping she wasn't hurting him further .

" Do you like living in the orphanage? Meera said she liked it and Ishaan said he hated it. They were arguing about it. That was when Meera told me they should ask you as well since you were adopted just like them. I told Meera she was lying, I even made her cry by raising my voice that Ishaan was mad at me " Yuv kept speaking and Lavanya who was bit older than her cousins realized it must have been tough for her brother to learn it from their cousin than her or her parents.

" I told Meera about it when she was crying one day in the orphanage. I told her that someone who would love her will adopt her just like my parents. And to answer your question I was happy in the orphanage for awhile until I wanted to have parents as well.

I didn't hate living in the Children's Home. Savitri dida and Latha warden all took very good care of me but it couldnt compare to having a family of my own. To answer your question i did like it in the Children's home, but not as much as I like living with you, mom and dad " Lavanya spoke and saw Yuv attention diverted back to her from his guilt for shouting at his cousin.

" Did you parents die like Ishaan or didn't you know your parents like Meera? " Yuv asked instead and Lavanya didn't realize how much he must have thought about it ever since he found out .

" Yuv, mom wasn't lying you know when she said she gave birth to me . She was my mother as well. She had been married once before she met dad" Lavanya spoke up and waited for Yuv to make the connection. She didnt know how else to explain to him .

" Your father didn't want you like Gauri di's dad " Yuvraj spoke up in a whisper and yet Lavanya was surprised her best friend rift with her biological father was known to him , again she wondered how much the little ones talk with each other to pick up such truths.

" He is dead Yuv, " Lavanya answered truthfully, the fact it was by the hands of their mother though it was an accident was not fit for Yuv ears even if he insisted he is grown up .

" Oh, do you miss him like Ishaan " Yuv spoke up and Lavanya didn't know whether to be relived that her brother had already come to terms with the news or worried that he keep drawing parallel with others .

" No Yuv, he died before I was born and I already have a dad if you don't mind sharing him with me " Lavanya tried to keep her voice cheerful but worried on how Yuv would react to it as well .

" I don't mind and even I know you are daddy's favourite princess" Yuv words were said with a smile that Lavanya smiled back at him .

" How long have you known about it? " Lavanya asked concerned about her little brother .

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