Chapter 16 : Regret

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6 hours later .

Vihaan found himself all alone with his Angel's dad. He couldn't look at the person sitting beside him on the plane because of guilt. He had always learnt to control the anger that coursed through his veins or so he thought until last night .

When he hurt his
Angel. It killed a part of him to realise that his words caused her pain and yet she asked her father to help him . It was the reason for her father to come with him.

They argued for over an hour last night, not exactly an argument when her dad held on to his temper. It was only him who refused to back down until he saw reason .

" Look Son, I get you. I do but your plan will end up with you in jail and Anjali back in the Children's home or with her adopted parents. But I know you want assurances . And I will help you in any way I can to make it easier for you to accept, starting with meeting Anjali's adoptive parents " Lavanya's dad spoke up. Vihaan knew he will not gain access to meet up with the Anjali adoptive parents on his own, from what he gathered from Manjula dida they looked immensely wealthy.

It was enough to scare him. He need to see them and he will not gain entry all alone but with Lavanya's dad it may work. So he agreed to the plan just to see them before handing over his sister to them. And when Lavanya'z dad showed him the guest room and told him their flight will leave in five hours. He nodded his head in acquiescence, the sooner the better.

No one from his Angel's family voiced a protest when Lavanya's dad told them about his trip with Vihaan, only Yuv asked if he would be back by tomorrow as it was his father birthday.

For which his father didn't give a answer, as he didn't know how long it will take. Vihaan refused to look at his Angel ever since he stepped out of the guest room, sleep eluded him last night alternating between worry over Anjali and the hurt expression in his Angel's face .

Now an hour later they were on their way, Lavanya's dad drove them to Angel's house and left him waiting as he went out with a promise to come and pick him up.

Two long hours later. He came back with a box of pizza,Vihaan refused to eat and relax when his sister life hung in balance,  noticing his reluctance his Angel's dad spoke up.

" You will eat now, I kept my part of the deal to you. We will meet with Rajeev Singh and his wife tonight. Now I had to keep my promise to my princess. So I ask you once again to eat before we leave " Lavanya's dad spoke up, he didn't need to explain further . His angel asked her father to look after him, it was so typical of her kindness.

Two hours later, they drove to meet Anjali's adoptive parents. He heard and read about Rajeev Singh, one of the top five business man under 30 in India. Vihaan searched about him, and all results only glorified him, but Vihaan refused to trust anyone with Anjali's life .

They were shown into the house and Vihaan was stuck with the grandeur of the house and a part of his heart clenched in fear if his sister would prefer this wealth over him, another part realized even if he worked himself to bones he can't outmatch them .

" You must be the Sanskar Maheshwari who refused to work for my company. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance in person . They are not many who say no to my job offer, I heard you were the best and now going to be a judge, what brings you to our house? " Rajeev Singh kept speaking not pausing for an answer. And Vihaan worried if he will ever stop and listen to Anjali or just speak to her without letting her speak.

" Rajeev, Let him get a word in between . I apologize for my husband, he believes talking 1000 words per second makes him look intelligent " his wife answered for him ,Vihaan expected atleast a hint of anger from the self made businessman. Instead he laughed with his wife.

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