Chapter 5 : His Friend

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One week later .

Lavanya walked towards her safe haven in the college. Akash had refused to come along and she preferred it that way.

Every attempt of her to befriend anyone failed and Lavanya found herself alone often, and she spent those times in library.

It has been a week since she visited the orphanage, and as the weekend approached she was reluctant to visit again. But the probability that Vihaan might be present made her want to visit.

It has been a week since she last saw him, she didn't see him once in the college campus so far, though her eyes always searched for him .

Because of that her eyes had no trouble locating him in the library . He was hunched over books that he didn't notice when she took the chair opposite to him, she wanted to lie and behave as if it was pure coincidence when he noticed her, but he never once looked up from his books .

After an hour in which she couldn't find the courage to speak up. She got up and left as her free time ended .

Lavanya who was a brilliant conversationalist failed when it involved him. She got tongue tied around him and she didn't understand the reason behind her actions .

The rest of the day she spent in sulking at her cowardice, she rationalized her decision to speak to him as the need to learn more about the Children's home, and dismissed any other reason like that fact she got intrigued by him as baseless.

When Akash insisted they stop by for pizza before heading back home she had to comply since they shared the car ride .

While she would prefer auto or bus, the fact both of their destination remained same made him insist on travelling together, and sometimes it meant going home with his detour .

Her eyes spotted the same expensive car that Vihaan drove her home first and beside it stood the beat up food delivery truck. And the probability of Vihaan working in the Pizza shop grew and with its her anticipation to that she may get to meet him .

As she entered the shop, her eyes found him first talking with a man in business suit who looked like the owner of that place and she grasped few bit of the conversation between them that made her upset .


Vihaan cursed his fate as she stepped inside the pizzeria where he worked, it took every restraint to pretend he didn't notice she was seated before him in the library earlier .

And he decided to pretend as if he didn't recognize her, if she talked to him. Yet she didn't speak up .

He was bit disappointed when she walked away from her seat with out a word and now she was here, just when he was having a worst fight with his boss.

The rent for his room he shared with three others was due and he was depending on today pay to settle it , only to find he was to be paid half of what he was promised which could put a serious dent in his livelihood .

" Do you think I don't know you were sneaking food to your orphanage, hence the pay cut consider it taken for the food cost " his boss spoke up and Vihaan reeled from the shock of it ,yes he took few left overs whenever possible. But to lose half of his salary for something that would be thrown in a garbage other wise was another injustice he had to face in the world .

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