Chapter 5 - Wish

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Ares Collin

"She what?" Mason asked through the phone.

"She just left. She didn't even tell me her name or phone number."

"That's new." He simply stated.

"Not only you but me too, because this is the first in history that the girl left me hanging instead me doing it to them." I said as I ran my hand through my hair.

"Well.. I transfer the money to your account already buddy. I mean.. I can see that she's cheap. She was so easy to tame." That got me a little pissed actually but I don't have any reason to be angry at Mason because it was just a one night stand.

"Thanks." I said to Mason and I ended the call. I sat down on my dining table and looked blankly to my glass of water.

Something about that girl last night that I just can't forget. I don't think it's about her body or how good the experience was but how she acted and treated me. Something off about her and why do I really want to know about her more.

I called the bartender that happened to serve us because I knew him. I always go there every week so I know some people who work there.

"Will.. hey buddy."

"Hey Ares, did you have fun last night?" He asked and I bet he got a big fat smirk on his face.

"Can you tell me her name? I bet she swiped her card last night."

"No.. she came here with a check."

"What? A check?" I asked disbelief.

"Stefanus West, I bet you heard his name a lot. He's a famous businessman and he comes here sometimes. I don't know what that girl's relationship with him but she gave me that check last night."

"Stefanus West, I think I've heard about him before." I said it to myself.

"He got married to a famous actress named Carrie Lambert." He gave me another information.

"Okay, thanks for your information."

"I think she's his sister because they kinda look alike. You can find her on the internet." He suggested.

"Thanks man.. appreciate it."

"No worries." He ended the call and I quickly go to google and typed Stefanus West family. I quickly pressed the images button to find that girl. I scrolled a little and a smile came to my face when I found the girl that I'm looking for.

I pressed the picture and it led me to an article. I read it and I smirked big time when I found her name.

Roseanne West.

I looked up her name now on the internet and I raised my eyebrows when I saw her birthday date. She turned 25 yesterday and she spent her birthday alone? Not alone but with her brother's check. That's odd.

She's the daughter of Thomas West, the famous oil businessman in America. I tried to look at her profile more to find her job or where she works but nothing. There are zero information about her work and her love life. She's a little bit off in everyway.

She said that she hated men last night, did someone break her heart?

Okay, Ares.. why do you care? Yesterday was a one night stand, nothing more. I mean she was a virgin and she didn't even get mad at me for taking it from her.

Let's just forget about her. I won't see her again anyway so why bother looking up her information and be curious about her. Instead of not looking and turn off my phone, I kept scrolling to find more information about her.

"Why so serious? You didn't even notice me walking in." I jumped when my dad suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I turned to him in horror and he chuckled.

"Hmm.. Roseanne West. Why are you looking at her pictures?" He asked and I flipped my phone immediately.

"What are you doing here?"

"I bought you the newest technology boy." He said as he put 2 big paper bags in front of me.

"What is this?" I asked as I opened the first paper bag.

"Newest iPad and it's not out yet so please use it at home." He said and I looked at the box nodding.

"What's that?"

"New JBL speaker. You'll love it." He said as he patted my back.

"Have you eat lunch?" I asked.

"Not yet, wanna eat together?" He asked and I nodded.

"Sure.. do you want something?"

"I want ramen or maybe chinese hot pot." He said and I gestured him to sit. I moved all the paper bags to my room and changed my clothes because I was still on my yesterday's suit.

I walked out from the room and found my dad on his phone. I walked to him and took my phone from the table putting into my pocket.

"Let's go.. I'm starving." I said and he nodded. He got up from his seat and we walked out from my apartment.

"Dad, I'm planning to move my office here and maybe move here.. permanently." I said as we got into the lift.

"That's great. You need to be around me and your mom more." He said and I chuckled.

"Why is that?"

"You need to behave, find a girlfriend and get married." I rolled my eyes when he tried to talk about that topic.

"I'm 29, dad, and being a bachelor is nice." I said proudly.

"Hey.. you used to wish that you want to get married before 30 and next year you will turn 30."

"Nah.. I don't think I will settle down. It's hard for me to find someone that I like." I said because it's true. I dated a lot of women and there's no one that match me. I gave up my wish already after that.

"You will find someone, I really believe that but remember.. finding someone that really match you takes time and you need to get to know her more than just the surface."

"Yes.. dad." I said in a boring tone.

"Have lunch with me and your mom next week. She will comeback here next monday. What do you say?" He asked.

"I'm okay with that."

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