Chapter 18 - Not Ready

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Ares Collins

I swear.. I swear that Roseanne West always successfully make my mood drop and turn me into a mad man. After what happened last night, I got so pissed. I really regret the day when I decided to ask her to be my friend. If I can turn back time, I will because I want to undo about the deal.

I got up from my seat and looked out to the window hoping that I can calm myself. I put my hands on my pockets and sighed.

"You know.. you've been acting like my girlfriend when she has her period." Josh said and I turned my body around.

"Roseanne again? Dude.. if she's giving you a hard time, just let it go. Being an architect is tiring and adding her into your life turning you into this hormonal emotional man won't work in the future." He said and I sighed again. I sat down and took my water bottle. I drank it all at once.

"Look.. I think it's time for you to just.. let her go. She won't treat you any better in the future besides you can waste your time finding a hot chick." He smiled smirking.

"Maybe you're right. She's giving a real headache here and I don't think she will change anytime soon in the future so.." I said and Josh nodded.

"Good.. that's a really good decision." He said supporting me.

"I'll just return her necklace later on." Suddenly my phone rang and it's an unknown number. I picked it up because it can be client trying to work with me.


"Hello Ares, it's Thomas West." Speak of the devil, it's her dad.

"Oh.. Hello, Mr. West. How are you?" I said quickly and Josh raised his eyebrows.

"I'm good, thankyou Ares. Uhmm I want to ask you something. Are you with Rosie now?" He asked in a really careful tone.

"Rosie? No, I'm at my office. Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"Oh.. okay. Nothing, I'll just-"

"Mr. West, is everything okay?"

"She's missing. She never came home last night and she's not answering her phone either." I face palmed myself and I automaticly got up from my seat.

"Have you trying contacting her company? She works at a book company right? Maybe she might be there."

"No.. we checked everywhere and Carrie said maybe she might be with you so I asked your dad for your phone number." He sounded so worried.

"I'll help you find her, Mr. West."

"Thankyou, Ares." He said and I ended the call.

"You said you don't want to-"

"She's missing, Josh. She might want to commit suicide somewhere if we don't try to find her." I said and I grabbed my suit. I walked out from my office and quickly got into my car. I dialed her number again and again but she's still not answering.

Where could she be?

She's not at her home.. or work.. where could that girl be?

Suddenly my phone rang and it's Mr. West again. I picked it up immediately.

"Ares.. we found her. She's visiting her mom's grave." I stepped on the brake and felt a little calmer now.

"Can you tell me the address?"

"Sure but.. I don't think she will be happy to see you there." He said in a concerned tone.

"I'll be fine.. I'll try my best to talk to her."

"Okay then." He ended the call and he sent me the address. I put the address to my GPS and started to drive there.

What were you thinking Rosie? You're so unbelievable!

I drove fast towards the place and parked my car quickly. I got out from my car and try to find Rosie. I walked inside try to find her but there were some people paying their respect too.

My eyes landed on Rosie because she's still dress the same as yesterday so it was easy to identify her. I slowly walked to her trying not to make noise. As I walk to her closer and closer, I can hear that she's crying. My heart crunched listening to it and I can feel that she still can't believe that her mom already left this world.

I was planning to go to her and give her a hug but I found myself walking backwards giving her space. I stood far away from her, waiting. My phone rang and it's Mr. West but before I can answer, someone patted my shoulder. I turned my body and saw Mr. West and Stefan West, Rosie's brother.

"Is she okay?"

"She's crying and I think she needs time to pour her heart out." I said and Mr. West walked towards her.

"Thankyou for keeping your eyes on her." Stefan patted my shoulder and I nodded. I turned my attention back to Rosie and Mr. West now is trying to talk to her. She hugged her dad tightly and Mr. West tried to calm her down.

"Today.. is the 7th year of her death. Rosie always like this remembering this day every year. Me and my dad seems to forgot that today is the day." Stefan said and now I understand.. she lost her mom that she loves the most when she's not ready. She was 18 when her mom passed away and I'm not blaming her to grieve again on this day.

"I'm sorry." I said to Stefan.

"It's okay." He patted my back and he walked towards Rosie. I decided that I have to stay here or else Rosie will kill me. After a few minutes of persuading, her brother and her dad successfully bring her back. She saw me from a far and when I saw her eyes.. I know that her world already collapsed in front of her eyes and there's no way to fix it. Her eyes were full of sadness and grieve. Seeing her right now in this state will make everyone understand right away why she's acting like a demon all this time.

"I'll get you water." Stefan said and I quickly held on to Rosie since Stefan walked away.

"Dad, can you.. buy me a hot tea please?" Rosie asked and her dad nodded. I quickly slipped my arm around her back and held on to her by putting my hand on her waist. She completely leaned her body to me.

"Today.. today is the 7th year of my mom's death." She said slowly as tears felt out from her eyes again.

"I'm sorry."

"Ares.. Why did God take her life instead of mine?" She asked and that really broke my heart. She was so funerable, fragile and really sensitive right now. She was drown with sadness and lost.

"He has His own reason, Rosie."

"I still can't believe that she's gone. I'm not ready." She said and that's when I hugged her. I hugged her tightly and she cried again in my arms. I caressed her head and patted her back trying to calm her down.

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