Chapter 43 - I Give Up

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Roseanne West

After I packed my small bag for another extra clothes to go to the beach, Ares called me telling to go up to his apartment. I dropped everything and went up right away. I pressed his door bell and he opened the door for me.

"Is everything okay?" I asked and he nodded. He gestured me go inside and he got the dogs back. I kneeled down and the dogs ran towards me. I ws so excited to see them. I can't believe he kept his dogs at his parents house because he's not finish moving in fully but now he is.

"Oh my god.." I turned to Ares and he smiled.

"For you." He suddenly gave me a bouquet of flowers. I got up and took the flower.

"Thankyou.." I said.

"Ready to go to the beach?" He asked and I nodded.

"Of course." I said as I turned to the dogs.

"Don't tell me that.. you want to bring the dogs?" He asked in a really suspicious tone. I laughed and nodded as I patted Eden's head.

"You cute little fluff!" I said as I kneeled down again seeing them.

"Fine.. have you pack your stuff?"

"Yes, I have.. Morty! Don't even try to bite it!" I said when I saw him going to eat my flowers.

"Me too.. let's go."

"But.. should we go to the pet store first?" I asked as I got up hugging the flowers. Ares raised his eyebrows and I looked at him confuse too.

"We need to bring things for the dogs like dogfoods.. uhmm bed and a bowl for them to eat." I said and he looked at me flatly.

"Babe.. I'm touched." He said sarcasticly.

"What?! Did I say something wrong?"

"You literally worrying more about the dog than me?"

"Ares, it's a one day trip. You and I can survive besides there's lots of shops beside the beach but it's hard to find a pet shop near by." I said and Ares just rolled his eyes. I ignored him and Ares gave me their leash. I put it on them and I walked towards the door.

"Wait!" Ares said and I stopped immediately.

"What? What?"

"Where's your luggage?"


"Oh.. okay. Let's go." He said and I nodded. I walked out bringing the dogs and held the door open for Ares to come out. He brought a small luggage and I closed the door. He pressed the lift button and went down to my apartment again. We walked to my apartment just to get my luggage and we went down to the parking lot.

"How's your meeting?" I asked.

"It was okay.. are you going to bring the flowers around?" He asked and I nodded. When we arrived at the parking lot, Ares led me towards his car and when I opened the back seat to put the dogs, Ares already set everything up. I was so shocked. He already prepared everything..

He brought the dogs bed and some foods. He brought a big mattress for the car and.. a picnic basket. I froze standing there completely amazed. It's.. something that I've always wanted to have when I have a boyfriend. A picnic somewhere.. just the two of us and enjoying the view from the back of your car.

"Rosie? Aren't you going to let the dogs in?" Ares asked after putting our luggages into the trunk and that bursted my bubbles. I helped the dogs to get inside and I closed the door. I got into the passenger seat still speechless.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said and he started to drive away from the building. I found myself looking at the back again and then to Ares. My heart shrunk immediately and it made me want to cry.

I kept looking outside the window trying to my tears. I kept silent all the time too even though Ares tried to ask me a couple of questions along the way.

I tried to keep myself together because I don't want to cry in front Ares. I tried to.. I tried to think about my book so I won't be emotional but I can't.

The beach isn't too far from our place so we got there fast. After he fully parked his car, he got out immediately and I followed him. The dogs were excited, they were barking seeing another dog visible. Ares let the dogs out to play with another dogs and he opened the trunk. I got out and I walked back to the trunk.

Ares put down the back seat and put the mattresses to create a bed. He put some pillows and took the picnic basket out. He took my flowers and put it in the middle. He ran to the driver seat again taking something out. I was speechless and I found myself sitting on the trunk looking down to the ground. I found myself tearing up.

"Babe.. do yo- hey! Why are you crying?" He asked panickly as he held on to my shoulders. I cried more because of that and he hugged me.

"Hey.. did I say something wrong? I'm sorry if I did.. hey are you okay?" He asked and I nodded answering the last question.

"Come on.. you can tell me. Did someone bully you? Did the meeting not go well? Did something happen when I was away? Rosie.. talk to me.." He asked and I cried more. Damn! Ares patted my back trying to calm me down.

"Why do you have to be this good? I don't deserve you! you prepared all of this.. the dogs.. comforting me when I need the most.. be there for me.. kiss me when I'm asleep.. giving me the biggest hug.. giving me kisses.. Why?!" I bursted and Ares chuckled.

"Don't laugh!" I hissed and he pushed my chin making me look at him.

"So you're crying because I'm being sweet to you?" He asked and I sighed. I looked down and wiped my tears. I looked at him observing him. He smiled at me and my eyes filled with tears again.

"Ares.. I surrender. I give up."

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