Chapter 34 - Cheek

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Roseanne West

"What do you think?" Wenbley asked me again for the 3rd time about the book cover.

"I don't like the black one and I don't like the maroon one too.. I want to try the font to be bigger in this one." I said pointing at the white book cover.

"Okay.. we'll try to make 2 other options for you and it will be ready in a week. Trey asked if you want to do a book event? We will give out the signed book randomly for people who pre-order your book.. are you okay with that?" He asked me and I shook my head.

"I rather give all of them something rather than randomly giving signed books for some people. I need to thanked them for reading and buying my book.."

"We'll think about that and about the movie making.. you'll have a meeting with the director and the producer next week. They will start to cast actors and actresses in 3 weeks and they want you to be there."

"Okay." I nodded.

"Can you maybe give me a list of the cast actors and actresses? Because I want to research about them be-" My phone rang and it's Ares.

"Just print it and give it to me.. you all continue.. I need to pick this up." I said as I walked away from them.


"Hey.. have you eat dinner?"

"Nope.. I'm still in a meeting. Why?"

"I'm in McDonalds, do you want something?" He asked and I smiled.

"Nuggets please.. a lot of it. Are you going to eat with me or you already eat?" I asked excitedly.

"I'm going to eat with you silly.. Are you in your apartment or in your office?" He asked.

"In my apartment."

"I'll be there in 20 minutes."

"Okay.. I might not be done by then but okay." I said as I walked back into the meeting room. Yes, I have my own meeting room inside my apartment because I know I will work at home.

"Okay then.. do you need anything else?"

"A lot of sauce please.. don't forget that."

"Yes, beautiful." He said in a teasing tone.

"Bye." I ended the call and sat back on my chair. I continued my meeting and finalized things that I need to finish before my team leave. After we're done, I walked out from my meeting room and at the same time the door bell rings.

I ran towards the door and opened it to find Ares with a McDonalds bag. He smiled widely and walked into my apartment. He gave me a hug and a kissed on my head. He stopped when he saw my team.

"They're my team.. This is Wenbley, Kris, Zach and Jamie." I introduced him to my team.

"This is Ares.. uhmm my boyfriend." I said it in a little awkward tone. Ares shook hands with them and they excused themselve to leave.

"You're hungry?" He asked and I nodded. I quickly ran to my kitchen taking out my Korean instant rice. I took out a big bowl that we always use to eat bibimbap.

"What are you doing?" He asked as I put the instand rice into the microwave.

"Making something yummy." I said as I took my 20 pieces of chicken nuggets. I put it into small pieces into the bowl.

"Uhmm.. why are you cutting it?"

"I bet you'll love it." I said as I cut all 20 into small pieces. He took out his burger and started eating it. I took out my rice and put it into the bowl mixing it with the nuggets. I took out the bbq sauce and putting it in. I mixed everything and Ares looked at it completely disgusted by it.

I scooped one spoonful of it and put it into my mouth. I can't express how good it is and I walked towards Ares wanting to feed him. He looked at it hating the idea but I kept putting a spoonful of it in front of his mouth.

"You'll love it." I said and he opened his mouth. He started to munch it and I looked at him waiting for his reaction.

"What?! It's damn good!" He said as he looked at it disbelief. I took out another spoon for him to eat it with me. I jumped and sat on the kitchen table holding the bowl and Ares stood between my legs eating it with me.

"You told your team that I'm your boyfriend." He smirked and I looked at him flatly.

"Should I correct it tomorrow?" I hissed coldly.

"Why are you wearing tanktop and shorts when you're having a meeting?" He asked as he looked at my clothes.

"I'm having a meeting inside my house, I don't need to wear work attire." I said as I scooped another spoonful of rice and chicken nuggets. Ares is currently holding a burger with one hand and a spoon with other hand. I took the spoon from him so he can eat his burger freely.

"You should've bought a lot of chicken nuggets." I said pouting completely carving for more.

"Oh.. I guess you didn't check the rest of the bag." He said and I turned reach other the bag. My eyes widen then I saw there's 40 more nuggets inside. I turned to Ares and smiled widely. I pointed at his lips asking for a kiss.

"Seriously?" I asked and he took the bag from me.


"Come on.. it's just a kiss."

"No.. kissing with you will lead to something else." I said as I tried to reach for the nuggets. I put the bowl behind me and tried to reach but he's too tall with that long arm of his.


"Yes Rosie?"

"I want that!" I said still trying to reach out. Suddenly he gave me the bag but he cupped my face at the same time. He crashed his lips to mine and I put the bag beside me.. and again.. he hypnotized me with his kiss.

"I've been craving for this.. ever since you only gave me your cheek this afternoon." He said and I chuckled. I pushed him and went down from the kicthen table to make another bowl of rice chicken nugget.

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