Chapter 30 - Did I?

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Roseanne West

"I'm ready for netflix and chill." I said as we walked out from the lift. Ares said that he's going to drop me and then he will leave. I walked towards my apartment and I froze when I saw Carrie's note on the door.

I changed your passcode so.. you should stay with Ares tonight.
- Carrie

I looked at it disbelief and I tried my old passcode but it can't be open. That sly bitch! I decided to call Carrie but she didn't even answer the call. I turned to Ares and he doesn't seem to care. I sighed and decided to call Stefan because his wife is such a prick. I'm waiting for him to answer the call but nope.. he's not answering.

"Well.. I guess you're staying with me." He said and I nodded. I don't have any other choice and I don't know why I'm a little tired today. We just went out for lunch but my energy levels already 0. We walked back to the lift and went up to Ares' apartment.

"It's still 3.30 and you want to chill?" Ares asked and I nodded. I sat on his sofa and turned on the TV. I was acting like I'm in my own apartment. I sat comfortably on the sofa and Ares came to me with a glass of water. I drank it a little and put it on the table in front of me.

"You can turn on netflix." He said and I nodded.

"Oh.. 50 shades of grey."

"Pervert." I said and he turned to me disbelief.

"You mean.. perfect?" He said and I laughed.

"That's lame but.. okay." I said still laughing and he gestured me to turn anything I want. Suddenly he took out another remote and pressed it. The curtains are going down and the lights are off suddenly. It feels like we're watching a movie.


"You're welcome." He said arrogantly and I chuckled. I started to find a movie that I love and I picked Iron Man 3. The movie started and I'm so excited to watch it.

"Here." Suddenly Ares sat next to me and wrapped us in a big soft blanket.

"Thanks." I said but my eyes still stuck on the movie. I love RDJ, he's my man and if I'm going to marry someone.. it would be him.

"I love Pepper." Ares said.

"I love Tony."

"You can have him, I can have her." Ares said and I turned to him. My eyes widen when his face was so close to mine. I didn't realize that until I turned to him.

"Deal." I said and I turned straight to the TV again. My body froze when Ares slowly creeping his hand to mine. My body went numb when he's successfully holding it. I really want to push his hand so bad or maybe get mad at him but I can't. Some part of me want to give him a chance even though another part of me hating it.

"What do you like about Tony Stark?" He asked and I turned to him slowly.

"He's realistic and I love that. He's smart even though he's arrogant." I answered as I looked into his eyes.

"I agree." He smiled and I found that.. smile really.. nevermind.

"Thankyou, Rosie, for letting me in.. and let me get to know you." He said out of nowhere and I can't reply to that. Actually I still don't know why I let him but somehow I don't regret it.

Carrie's words rang inside my head again and that made me think a little more. Not only Carrie's words but Ares' words came out again. Can I really be happy and start over? The feeling of it wasn't that bad, it was beyond my expectation but it's refreshing.

"Tony Stark's parents passed away and he stood up in this cruel world by himself. That's one of the things that I love about him." I said honestly.

"I wish I can be like him, try not to care about the past and move on which so hard for me." I added and I turned to Ares. He's already looking at me and he smiled.

"You're not alone, so does he. No one is alone in this world, Rosie. You have me.. you have your dad, your brother and Carrie."

"Why do you believe that I can get through this?" I asked because he's the one who is trying to push me out from this.

"Everyone in this world deserves to be happy and you are one of them. If I can, why can't you?" He answered and that answered really made me feel better. My eyes landed on his lips and back to his eyes real quick. I leaned my head closer to him and put my lips to his.

I kissed him slowly and he kissed me back with the same pace. He pulled my body to his lap without breaking the kiss and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I put my hands on his chest still kissing him slowly. I felt the warmness spreading throughout my body and all I want to do now is just put everything behind but somehow some part of me still can't let it go.

We slowly moved with him trying lay me on the sofa. We just kept kissing non-stop without one of us saying anything. We let out bodies express what they really want.

Ares didn't try anything on me. He didn't try to roam his hand all over me which I'm so thankful that he didn't. I'm just starting to open up and taking it slowly suits me. I stopped him by pushing his body away. We both sit facing each other awkwardly. I felt my body heating up wanting more.

I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and his eyes widen. My eyes never left him and so does he. I threw away my shirt when I'm fully unbuttoning it and I slowly.. unclasped my bra.

"Rosie.. don't tempt me please." He said in a husky voice but I wasn't planning on just to make him drool. I want him to taste it again.. for the second time.

Did I say that I was going to take it slow? Did I?

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