Chapter 10 - Help

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Ares Collin

I went off to work completely with zero mood. Someone decided to ruin my god damn mood last night. Thanks to her, nothing worked for me since this morning. Fuckin' hell.

I threw my bag to my chair and I pulled my tie off because I can't breath. We just started and she's already pissing me off. What kind of species is she? Is this a curse or what?

"Wow.. what's with the mood today?" Josh asked as he brought me a cup coffee.

"Don't start, Josh. I can punch you in the face right here right now."

"Who pushed your button? Oh.. and you owned me some explanations because I helped you yesterday." He said as he sat in front of me.

"Is Mason here?" I asked as I sat down on my chair.

"He's in LA so.. chill. It's just you and me." He said and I sighed. I closed my eyes and leaned back to my chair.

"The girl.. that we saw last week."

"What about her?"

"She's my dad's friend's daughter and our parents happened to introduced us yesterday at lunch and damn she's difficult." I hissed and Josh laughed.

"And then?"

"Her mom died and it changed her. Her dad sort of asked me to be her friend because she's not that good at socializing."

"And you agree?"

"Not exactly agreeing to him but I happened to have her necklace after that night and it's her mom's. I used it to blackmailing her." I said as I put my hands on my forehead massaging it hoping the headache will go away.

"You asked her to be your friends with benefit? Or you asked her to have sex with you?"

"No.. I asked her to be my friend." I said and Josh looked at me disbelief.


"You heard me." I sighed.

"But why?"

"It's hard to describe it with words and I think if you get to know her.. you might know why I did that." I said and Josh chuckled.

"Did she put a love spell on you?"

"She has zero interest in love, Josh. She hates men."

"So she's a lesb-"

"No.. she's not. Something off with her and I want to know why."

"Typical Ares. You always want to know everything and I don't think it's a good idea for you to try to dig into someone like her." He suggested.

"I'm already regreting it.. so don't remind me about it." I said as I took an advil from my drawer. I took one and drank it with my water.

"I suggest that you back off before she makes you crazy."

"I might regreting it but I don't think I want to back off now."

"Beware of the cupid." He smirked and I shook my head.

"She might be beautiful and hot but.. I don't like her personality. She's awful, cold and rude."

"What's her name?"

"Roseanne West. Do you know her?" I asked and his eyes widen.

"What? Roseanne West? The daughter of Thomas West?" He asked me again making sure that he heard it right.

"Yes.. why?"

"I don't know if this rumor is right or not but.. She's a famous writer. My cousin worked in a book publisher company and she saw Roseanne go there a few times."

"Writer? What kind or book? Horror? Thriller?" I asked.

"Romance." When Josh said that, I laughed my ass off.

"Romance? Why is it so hard to believe? She hates men and she has zero interest in relationship but she's a romance writer? I don't believe it.. do you have any prove?" I asked still laughing.

"No because there's no book with her name on it but my cousin saw her a few times in that building."

"She always following her dad around and spent his money. She's not working now.. maybe she's visiting someone there." I said.

"Some people believe that she's a famous writer but she published her book with other name so there will be no spotlight on her." Josh said and that make sense. Somehow, it's so hard to believe that she's a romance writer.

"I still don't believe that she's a writer. A rude, cold and crazy girl like her can't be a writer. I will believe if she writes horror and thriller but not romance." I said shaking my head.

"That's what I heard.. you know my cousin, she always babblering things."

"I'm 100% sure that she's not a writer." I said.

"You'll never know. She might surprise you." Josh said and I shook my head.

"If she admitted that she's a serial killer, I might believe her." I said and Josh rolled his eyes.

"Goodluck handling her." He said as he got up from the chair.

"Thanks and pray for my safety please." I said and Josh laughed.

"I have a feeling that.. maybe she's more than what we think she is. She might surprise you with a lot of things and you.. will end up falling for her." Josh said as he pointed his finger at me.

"No thanks.. I will die young if I fall in love with her besides I don't think she will surprise me." I said confidently.

"Instead of you making her cry, I think she will make you cry one day. I have to buy tissues to get ready for that day to come."

"Fuck you.. get out!" I hissed and Josh smirked big time. He walked out from my office and I ran my hands through my hair frustrated.

She really pisses me off and damn.. I can't even sleep last night. What kind of monster is she? God please help me..

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