Chapter 13 - Architect

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Roseanne West

When Ares was busy with his camera, I decided to put my earpods on and turned on some music. I put my attention to the waves and closed my eyes feeling the wind blowing through my face. I took a really deep breath and let it out slowly. I hate to say this but.. I quite enjoy spending time out here.

I opened my eyes and turned to find Ares but he was nowhere so be found. I got up immediately and started to look for him. I gulped nervously when I can't see him around me. I ran back to the car but he's not there.

I started to panic and my blood started to rush quickly all over my body. I kept running around to look for him but still there's no sign of him. When I was walking and running around to find him, there were a bunch of men walking towards me.

I felt so scared and anxious that I ran away from them even though they didn't do anything particular. I hid behind a black car and hugged my knees.

Where is Ares?

"Rosie.. what are you doing here?" I slowly looked up to see Ares standing in front of me completely confuse why the heck I'm doing hiding at the back of a car.

"Where were you?" I bursted angrily at him.

"I went to the toilet." He said and I walked away from him. My heart was beating so fast earlier, I thought he left me alone here.

"You okay? I went to the toilet earlier. Did something happen?" Ares tried to talk to me and he even tried to stop me by holding my arm.

"I'm fine!" I hissed coldly as I pushed him away. I walked towards the sea and just stood there for a couple of minutes trying to calm my heart.

"I'm sorry, I should have told you that I want to go to the toilet. You were busy with your own thoughts so I thought you will be okay if I leave your for a few minutes." He said and I turned to him angrily.

"That's why I told you.. this isn't a good idea!" I bursted angrily.

"Fine, I'm sorry.. I'm sorry okay? I will never leave your side again. I'm sorry for making you panic earlier." He admitted it.

"I'm hungry.. I want to eat." I said.

"Let's go." He said as he gestured me to follow him. I walked behind him and following him just by looking at his legs. I wasn't aware with my surrounding until Ares hugged me.

"Hey! Watch where you throw!" He shouted.

"Sorry!" I heard someone apologizing and I looked up to see Ares' face so close to me. I pushed his body away from me because just seeing him so close to me already make me hard to breath.

"Thanks." I said and he nodded.

"Pick one.. japanese curry rice or chinese food."

"Curry rice." I said and he started to lead me crossing the street. I kept looking at people around me feeling nervous.

"They won't bite." Ares said but I ignored him. I tried to look normal again and walked side by side with Ares.

"Next week, I have a book expo event. I can't go hangout with you next Saturday so.."

"I can go there witth you." He said shortly before I can finish my sentence.

"Uhmm it will be boring."

"Nah.. I think it will be fun to know your job a little bit more." He said and I stopped walking making him stop too.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

"But I'll be working.. and why do you want to follow me around?" I asked him.

"Rosie, it's a book expo. I love reading books so book expo will be fun for me." He said and I sighed.

"Fine, I'll give you the ticket." I said and gestured him to continue walking. We walked around 7 minutes until we arrived at a small japanese restaurant. We walked inside and wow.. it feels so cozy and it's like we're in Japan. The interior was japanese based, the songs were japanese songs and there were a lot of japanese people eat here.

Ares suddenly grabbed my hand leading me to the corner of the room with a small table and chairs facing each other. He let me sit on the corner and he sat in front of me. I was so uncomfortable with how small the table was and how me and Ares sitting so closely. I kept leaning back because everytime I move a little, Ares always glanced at me.

"So.. what do you want?" He asked as he showed me the menu.

"Uhmm katsu curry rice." I said because that's the original and I can bet that it will taste good.

"So plain.. do you trust me?" He asked suddenly and I turned to him raising my eyebrows.


"Well.. I see you're the type of person who always pick to stay on their comfort zone. Katsu curry rice.. that's so mainstream. I have a really good combination that I made 3 months ago.. do you trust me?"

"No.. I don't trust you so just order me my plain and boring katsu curry rice." I hissed coldly and he looked at me flatly.

"Fine." He said and he got up to order everything from a small machine. I looked around and saw people eating various types of curry which I can't wait to try mine.

I took out my phone and started to look on my social media to see what's going on with the world. Suddenly an idea came to my mind for my next book. I looked up and saw Ares busy taking a fork and spoon out from the drawer under our table.

"What? What's with that face?" He asked when he suddenly has his attention on me. I shook my head right away and he looked at me suspiciously.

"What's your job?"

"Wow.. now you're interested." He smirked.

"I'm not.. I was just.. nothing." I hissed coldly at him.

"I'm an architect." He answered and I nodded.

An architect..

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