Chapter 24 - Let's Go

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Ares Collin

"Are you in a good mood or.. did you just get a new exciting project that will make us rich as hell?" Mason asked and I gave him my flat face right away. Josh chuckled and Mason turned to him.

"What? Did something happen?" Mason asked curiously.

"Maybe he got laid yesterday." Josh said and I glared at him hard.

"Really? Is she hot?" Mason asked me and I rolled my eyes. We just finished our meeting and now we're sitting in a restaurant for lunch. I ordered fish and chips when the two of them ordered steak.

"I really need to get laid these days.. I'm starting to get so lonely." Mason said and I chuckled looking at him.

"Get a girlfriend then." Josh said.

"Uh.. no.. one night stand is fine." Mason said and then after he excused himself to go to the toilet. I took out my phone to check my email when Josh suddenly kicked my leg.


"Uhmm.. isn't that Roseanne?" I turned my head to the window and saw Roseanne with.. the man from last Sunday? I raised my eyebrows seeing them together. Roseanne laughed and even ate the cotton candy that Connor gave to her.

My jaw literally dropped because how come she can be nice when she just met again with this guy. Is she nuts? She so basically treated me like shit for weeks and that guy came out of nowhere around 5 days ago and she treated him like a friend already?

"You know.. you can go if you want to.. because no matter how you try to make a laser out from your eyes.. it won't come out." Josh commented and I turned my eyes back to him.

"Laser? Ha ha ha funny." I said as I turned my attention back to my phone. I found myself looking at Roseanne's phone number and I put my phone on the table upside down.

"One beer please!" I said shouting it loud enough for the waiter to hear it.

"Beer? You're not a day drinker." Mason said as he got back from the toilet.

"Just shut up." I said looking at him and Mason looked at me confuse.

"He had a good mood earlier and now why is he-" Mason asked but Josh cut him by gesturing him to shut up.

"Seriously.. do you have a girlfriend now?" Mason asked me.


"You act like you have a girlfriend, dude. Chill.. don't think about work too much. We're an architect and we have to be chill." Mason said as he patted my shoulder. I took my phone again and decided to dial Rosie's phone number.


"Where are you?" I asked right away.

"Uhmm.. outside."

"Who are you with?"

"Connor." Well.. at least she's honest.

"Oh.. the hug friend."

"What?!" She asked disbelief.

"Is the cotton candy good?" I asked completely pissed.

"Huh? Did you see me?" She asked.

"What are you two doing?"

"We met accidently earlier and why I do have to answer all your questions? You're acting like a jealous boyfriend now!" She hissed coldly.

"I can't believe you easily open up to him."

"He's my highschool friend and why are you keep complaining the same thing again and again?" She said with a I-will-kill-you tone

"Because it's not fair."

"Fair? What?"

"I tried to be friend with you for weeks and you gave me a lot of shit. Now, you met your friend again and you.. you treated him normally!" I bursted.

"Wow.. you should like a kid. Listen kiddo, it's up to me who I want to be nice with. What's your problem?!"

"Kiddo? Kiddo?" I repeated.

"You're acting childish right now." She said flatly now.

"Whatever." I ended the call and put down the phone. I turned to Josh and Mason who were already looking at me weirdly. Mason raised his eyebrows and started to lean foward looking at me suspiciously.

"You have a girlfriend?"


"Then what was that? You're acting like a jealous boyfriend." Mason said as he pointed his finger and me. I smacked it away and at the same time the beer came with all of our foods. I drank the beer and let out a deep sigh.

"You're acting so possessive earlier. I wonder who the girl is? You never acted like this before.. interesting." Mason smirked.

"Shut it.. he might kill you if you keep teasing him." Josh said.

"What? He's in love.. how can I not tease him?" My eyes widen when Mason said that.

"Love? She's my friend."

"Well you're acting like a guy in love. Should I sing you the new BTS song? Oh my my my.. oh my my my.." I glared at him hard ready to throw him my glass of beer. He shut his mouth right away and he gestured me to put down the glass.

"So.. who is this mysterious girl?" Mason asked.

"Just shut up.." I hissed. I started to eat my food silently with my heart burning inside. Suddenly my phone rang and it's Roseanne. I looked at it for a moment before picking it up.


"Will you stop giving me that tone?!" She bursted annoyed.

"What is it?" I asked nicely.

"I met your parents at the book store and they wanted to eat lunch together." She said and I got up immediately.

"What are you doing?"

"Pay for it.. you pissed me earlier." I said to Mason and walked out from the restaurant ignoring Mason who called my name constantly.

"Where are you?"

"Book store.. the big one." She said and I quickly cross the street and walked one block.

"Where are you?" She asked.

"Almost there.. I saw you." I saw her with my parents talking and thank God that guy already gone.

"Mom.. dad.." I hugged them both.

"You have meetings near here?" My dad asked.

"Nah.. just hanging out with Mason and Josh."

"Let's have lunch together.. Rosie will join us." My mom put her arm around her back and Rosie smiled nodding. I looked at her coldly and she glared at me.

"Let's go.. I want to eat japanese food." My mom said.

"Let's go." I said.

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