Chapter 39 - Stay

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Roseanne West

Today I have a meeting for casting the actor and the actress for the movie of my first book. I'm so excited to do this and yes I will come there as Roseanne not as Elena Parker. I told them that Elena Parker trusted me to see the casting process so they won't be suspicious.

Ares is in Seattle having an important meeting and it's already 3 days. He said he will come home in the evening and yes I'm excited. I missed him actually even though I didn't tell him that. We talked everynight when he's away and it was good. Having a relationship is fun but still I have my walls up.

I feel like I'm starting to change and I kinda like it. I never regreted when I said yes to Ares to be his girlfriend but I'm still give a little distance because you'll never know. I still don't want to fully surrender to him.

I walked into the building and I met the director, John Black. He's super nice and he's like a man in his 20s with his jokes when the reality that he's in his 40s. He introduced me to 3 other people who are in charge of casting the actors and the actresses.

"Rosie, I want you to meet the producer.. Bryan Rodes." My eyes widen when John said Bryan's name. I turned my head to him and he smiled to me. I looked at him coldly and pretended to shake his hand like it's our first meeting.

"She's actually my friend, John." Bryan said.

"Really? Well.. I guess we'll get a long well." John said and I just smiled to John politely.

"We'll start in 20 minutes everyone." Sarah who is in charge of casting said.

"Can I have a word with you.. Rosie?" Bryan asked and I nodded lightly. He led me outside the building.

"You're Elena Parker, aren't you?" He asked and I looked up to him coldly.

"Listen, Bryan. You and I will only talk about work here and I will not answer any question related to other things than work. If you think trying to be friends with me again in this project, burst those bubbles because we won't." I hissed coldly and he sighed.

"Until when you're going to be mad like this? This is not you!"

"Things change, Bryan. I'm not Roseanne that you used to know, I'm different now."

"Rosie, it's complicated. I had no choice!"

"You can explain to me a month after that or maybe a year after you left but why now? It's been 7 years and my life was ruined, Bryan! Someone is helping me to heal now and I don't need you to comeback into my life just to ruin it again." I bursted angrily and I walked back inside.

My phone vibrated and I took it out from my pocket. It's Ares and I can't help but smile.

I'll see you in 6 hours
- Ares.

I walked inside and we're starting the casting process. I saw all the actors and the actresses that will come for the audition and I saw one actress that might suit for this story and her name is Autumn North. She's a part of the 7 Gold Lifes and she's a defition of a goddess.

Actors and actresses came in and auditioned for the movie but I don't seem to find someone suit to play the character in my novel.

"Next is Darren Wild, he's pretty suitable to play Ryan." Lanny said and she's one of the people who is incharge in casting too.

"Let's see about that." John said.

"Is Autumn here yet? I think we might love it when she plays Christie." Sarah said and I couldn't agree more to that.

"Should we take a break for 30 minutes? It's been 3 hours and we still have 2 more hours." Bryan suggested.

"Should we?" Lanny asked.

"Yeah.. let's take a break." I got up from my seat and took a cup of coffee that they bought us. I walked out from the building and drank all the ice coffee quickly. It was so frustatring to be in that room full of people for hours and hours.

My phone rang suddenly and when I'm taking out my phone.

"Hey.. wanna grab something to eat together?" Bryan asked and I turned to him for a second before answering my phone.


"Hey babe.. what are you doing?" He asked and I looked at the time.

"Aren't you supposed to me in an airplane?" I asked because he said he's going arrive here in New York at 6ish.

"Turn to your right." I turned my body and I saw Ares. He's waving at me with a bouquet of flower. I smiled widely and ran to him. I hugged him tightly and he laughed.

"You miss me that much?" He asked and I didn't answer that because I bet he knew that I miss him so much by my action.

"I thought you're going to arrive here around 6? How do you know I'm here?"

"I asked Carrie and I wanted to surprise you.. I've missed you.. 3 days is pretty long." He said and I nodded. I released the hug and he leaned his face to me giving me a kiss.

"Are you still working?" He asked.

"We have a 30 minutes break and yes I still have 2 hours to go."

"What is the meeting about?" He asked.

"Casting for a future movie project." I said and he nodded.

"Here's a beautiful flower for you, ma lady." He smirked as he gave me the flower. I smiled and took it from him.

"Thankyou.. it's beautiful."

"Can I get a.." He said as he pointed at his lips. I chuckled and gave him a peck on his lips.

"I still have work.. and I bet it's going to be more than 2 hours." I said and he patted my head nodding.

"It's okay.. do you want me to wait or?"

"I'll just see you later on at night." I said.

"What's with that guy? He kept looking at you?" Ares asked and I turned to see Bryan looking at me.

"He's.. Bryan."

"Bryan? The one that you told me?" Ares bursted.

"Yeah.. but it's okay. I told him that we can't be friends anymore." I said trying to calm Ares down.

"But still.."

"Why is he doing there?"

"He's the producer and I didn't know. I didn't check the list.."

"Can I stay here with you?"

"You want to? Aren't you tired?" I asked.

"I am tired but you will pay for it to night and cuddle me to sleep." He said and I chuckled.

"Okay fine.. you can stay here but you'll wait on the waiting room." I said and he nodded.

"Okay." I said and I took his hand to grab something to eat.

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