Arc 4.6 - Xavier

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Seven Year Later

*Liam is 15 years old, Rina is 35 years old and Xavier is 37 years old*

Liam's PoV

Talking about parents, I have a weird one. When I was eight years old, I need to use my innocent look to get what I want.

My family is always happy together, my mother always pamper with food and my father always pamper with gift. I become used to that.

Suddenly, my blood father divorced my mother and he throw us away. It's all because that home wrecker-Aunt Sarah.

My mother is an angel although she always getting mad at me. But one day, she suddenly change into a new angel.

She become more pretty with her smile that attract a lot of bee's.

I used my innocent look to opposed all the bad guy that after my mom money's and look. Because the dirty look they throw as soon as my come to their table make me feel want to throw a punch at them.

A/N: it when Rina in her Cafe'- Bakery Shop.

Luckyly there is a superman who always come on time. He is very serious and scary man. He had aloof personality make people scare to come at him.

But I like him, I saw him as my superman. He always pamper me with gift and also he teach me way to protect my mother when he is not around.

A few months later, my blood father come search for us. He said he regret for divorced my mother and throw us away from his life.

He pamper me with many gift. I felt disgust when I saw many gift from him. I throw it to dustbin.

He keep coming by until one day he suddenly gone but give us a note that he will come and take what is his. Us.

Is he crazy? Although he is my blood father but I hate and disgust with him. But I can't said it loud because my mother will be mad at me.

She told me to respect him as my father. As if I want to. I have my superman for that.

Couple of month later, Alex take me  to his house with Ryan with me.

I asked him why is he the one who take me from school, and not my mother. He said, my father come to my house and do something bad to mother.

And My superman need to calm my mother down. A week later is the day I can see my mother.

She become herself again, she hug me and kiss my forehead many times. She keep saying sorry for lefting me in care of Alex.

Although I'm okay with it, but I pretend to be clingy son and hug her back. I love my mother because she is superwoman.

And at that times, I also news about my superman, he is a mayor of our country. It make sense when he always aloof and serious with people around him except in front of my mother and I.

I start to feel my mother is insecure when she always in front of him, she always want to be perfect woman.

She start to dress heavily and make up heavily but one day everything change again. She become normal again.

She become a new person, way more confident.

"My mother is gorgeous" when I said this she always said "I'm always gorgeous" and flick her hairs. She even laughed at it.

Even when I want to rolled my eyes, I can't. I love her confident. I just agreed with her.

My superman always come to our house and play with me. He too always read bed time stories for me. It's become our routine.

And I start to call him "Dad".

Although he try to cover his expression, I know he is happy.

I caught him telling mother that I call him "Dad". He cried while telling it to my mother.

I saw my mother try to console him by hugging his giant body with her thiny arm.

Two years after dating mother, finally my dad have courage to marry mother. He said he always want to marry my mother as soon as possible but she being impossible woman, she reject him couple of time.

She said the country is not in a stage of luxury. And that's why she doesn't want to marry him.

Two years is what make my dad work so hard to make him succeed to marry my mother.

The country become top one in the world, which doesn't have poor people. Everyone have a house. And a decent job when they are adult. When they are older, they will be given sum of money to spend.

I don't know how he did that, but a superman is indeed a superman.

A year later, I have a little sister. A cute one. My Dad is excited when he new about my mother is pregnant. He jumping around and yelling excitedly. At that time I really embarrased to call him as my Dad.

With a gen of My dad and my mother, my sister become a cute a little angel. She is so beautiful. I guess I need to protect her too. Many guy will chase after her when she become adult.

Even when My sister is here, my mother never neglect me, she always there when I need her. Even my dad always keep up with me. They always try to full fill my time with them.

Even I have friends but still my parent become my top priorities. It become my habit to spend time with them. My friend call me family cons.

It funny but I think it's truth. I become more family cons.

Now, 4 years after my little sister is borned. My mother is pregnant with another child and this time. It will be a boy.

I look at my mother is pouting in the kitchen because my Dad trying to help her but she doesn't want it.

I think if I tell my friend that my father is like this, they won't believe it. Because in front of people my Dad is very serious man. But in front of us, he become like a dog in guard house.


I'm sorry, Dad.



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