Arc 3.8 - Zhang

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Zhang Ying's PoV

Another 2 year had passed. I'm eighteen years old now. Today another competion will be held. I know today, my twin brother will comeback from his army mission. He actually become First General. I feel proud of him even I never met him before.

My relationship with My little Rina is still a secret. Only my man know about us. Why? Because she want to tell my twin brother first. I accept her decision although at first i feel like its not fair but she told me, Its also unfair to Zhang Yong if we develop love without him knowing the truth about three of us.

I had met parent. My biological parent. My father actually Emperor of Rii Kingdoms and My mother is just a country woman. My father fell in love with my mother without my grandparents knowledge. When they knew about my parent relationship, they try to make my parent separate from each other, but it didn't work.

As the result of felt betrayed from their own son, My grandparents ask my mother to give one of her child to them. Then, they will let my Parent go and live peacefully. That is the reason why both of us been separating even when we are brothers.

Now here I am sitting at Emperor place, doing my job as a leader. Yii's country is already weak on their own economy because of the greediness from their past Emperor. Now i need to do it right.

These past two years I try to help poor people and low class people to have peaceful life. I give them money from the previous minister in this country, I know they take bribery from the previous emperor.

I create new cabinets, fill with smart, stratergy and young minister to help me to handle Yii's Country. Maybe after this I won't be the Emperor of this country anymore but at least i want to give the best for all of them.

"Emperor Ying, the army from Yii's country has come back from their mission for these past year" My new advisor, Nailee told me.

"Let the only high rank enter and see me" I said to him, I hold my mask. I still wear it because it a symbol of Evil. I didn't hide half of my face because I have scar, its become a habit to me when I knew about him. Li Zhang Yong. His face like mine. I don't people to disrespect us or feel confused when they see us together. So I make a mask that can cover half of my mask.

"These lowly servant comes to see you, Emperor Ying." They synchronized in greeting while bow at me. "Stand up, pleased to me all of you. My name Is Li Zhang Ying. I am your Emperor for this past three years. I want to know all of high class rank from the soldiers, that why I brough you here. Welcome. From now on all of you will stay in this Palace, your room already been prepared for you to stay. And for your soldiers they can take rest for 2 months" I announced to them.

"I need to know all the progression for the soldier. General Yong. Can you explained everything to me" He look at me with serious and fierce eyes. Wow he look exactly like me.

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He been explaining everything to me, so detailed, never once I heard him stuttering. He look straightly at me while explaning to me at the same time. I smirk behind my mask. Totally like me.

"Good, General Yong. Thank you for your explaination, I will need to know your next stratergy after this. I want us to meet privately." I said to him, He nodded his head and bow to me slightly.

"And that all for today. Thank you. All of you can go and follow the maid, they will brought you to your own room. And as for General Wang. I need you to stay here for while." I look at his friend who look at me with weird eyes. Zhang Yong then move his left hand, showed that he will be okay.

"What Can this lowly servant do for you, Emperor Ying" He said to me. I asked all of my servant and guards to go out.

After we are alone I start to tell him about me. "My name Li Zhang Ying. I am your Twin's brother, by blood. Our parent been keeping this secret for along time. So I need to tell you about this. You actually know about me Right? Brother." I said to him.

He then walk toward me, suddenly hugged me. "Im glad I finally met you, little brother. Yeah I know about you. Mom told me since I was a little. She said I have a little brother in another Country, our grandparent Prevent us to meet you. So we don't have a choice and stay here in this country. We lived in poor live but I never regret about it. I'm glad i got to met her first" He pull off from me and smirk.

"I almost killed someone, when I know she is already engaged with some guy" he look at me, with suprised. "You already met her? Don't you?" He asked me.

"Yes, Luckily its you. Who she engaged with, so brother I need to tell you something. We share the same soul, mind, strength, desires and also a lover. I need her and I know you also need her. We both need her. So why don't we make her as our's?" I try to make a deal with my own brother.

"Are sure about this? Will Rina agreed with us?" He asked me, i chuckled a little bit.

"Actually she is the one who suggest that we should be together, with her. Right, My little Rina?" I tilt my head to the right. There is a secret door in there. I heard a click from the door, and there she is.

"Yes, my husbands" She smile at both of us. Before running to Zhang Yong and jumped on him. "Rina miss you, Zhang. So much" she pull his head and start hugging him. I can see Zhang Yong circle his arm to Rina Waist and pull her head on his chest.

I cough a bit louder to make both of them pull off from each other. I softly glared at her before turn my eyes to Zhang Yong.

"So..? Are you agreed with me?" I asked him, he tilt his head toward Rina, try to asked her whether she agreed with this. Rina nodded her head before come forward to me while holding Zhang yong hand with her. She look at Zhang Yong.

"Please Zhang.. naa~~" He look at her fiercely. He sigh a little bit, Before nodded his head. "But you know right I'm the one she will be married with. Not you" Zhang Yong Said.

I want to married her too, but I know I can't. "At least let make She stay with us, Yong" I said to brother. He nodded his head.

"Let's meet Grandfather, first Rina. You also need to meet Wang Yong. He been missing you a lot too" he tried to pull her away from me.

"Yong, You can't kissed her without me knowing about it" I said. "Even we have same soul. Don't do it alone. I warning you" He just smirking at me, before take Rina away from me. I chuckled while looking at him, who just closing the door, He is a possesive person. Like me.


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