Arc 3.12 - Zhang

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Rina's PoV

Lately I felt weird and suspicious with Zhang Yong act towards me.

He look at me with glaring eyes. And didn't answered my question sincerely. I feel hurt with how his acted toward me but I still smiling at him with sweeysmile.

Now only Zhang Ying and me sat on our bed. I rub my shoulders softly. I felt lonely. I felt afraid of what will happened next.

Is my faith will be the same as the Novel?

I touch Zhang Ying's right hand softly.

"Husband. Can Rina asked you something?" Zhang Ying nod his head and put his full attention toward me.

"what happened to Zhang Yong? Why he seem so irritated to see Rina. And When Rina want to communicate with him, he give Rina a cold shoulder. Why?" I look at Zhang Ying.

I can see Zhang Ying seem nervous with my questions. Is he hiding something from me?

Even I am an evil person, I will never killed anyone without a strong reason. If they want to hurt my family and I, then it will be a strong reason for me to do the same thing.

The one I killed are all the rebels people who think they deserve to be in Zhang Ying positions and have been plotting to killed my husbands and also Me.

I trying to protect my husbands. I somehow know my way of protecting persons I love is wrong but this is the only way I know to handle this kind of situations.

Or maybe this is how I am.

I look at Zhang Ying who is now holding my hands and kiss it softly.

"Maybe he is tired, and not in the mood to talk. Don't think negatively, he love you like always" Zhang Ying then kiss my lips and my forehead before pull my waist and caressed my hairs, he put my head on his chest.

I nod my head and smile softly at his answer even I know he just trying to make me feel ease without telling me the truth. But his words did make my heart feel relax and happy.

He hand slowly caressed my hairs. It make me felt relax and slowly I fell sleep on my husband chest.


Suddenly I felt someone pull me up with a strong forced. But I manage to fight the stranger.

I try to look at Zhang Ying but I didn't see him. Then I saw my maids are all dead and their blood is splasing on my bed.

Another stranger burged in to my room and tried take me away, I tried to free myself when I think i maneged to run away I felt a strong punch on my face that make me fainted.

When I wake up again. I already sat on the chair with my hands and legs being tied up.

I struggle to free myself but didn't succeed.

"Who are you???! Why are you doing this to me? If my husband find you, he will kill you?!" I shout at the stranger

Unfortunately I get slapped by the stranger, I can tasted the blood in my mouth.'s so hurt.

Where is Yeon when I need him?

The strangers laughed at me. I try to count all of them in this dark room. There are 10 people. I know they are stronger than me. I can't fight all of them at once even I'm strong enough to killed a few of them.

"Why are you laughing?! Its not funny you know?" I shout at them.

"Why? You asked me why I laughed? Guys see this girl, she's telling us that her husband will kill us if we touch her. How funny and interesting is that, right?" Then all of them start laughing at me. They're mocking laughed annoyed me.

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