Arc 2.11 - Heng

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No one PoV

The wedding end after 8 PM. Heng and Rina Family's already getting back to the one of Heng's hotel.

While both of them is back at their own home. They already in their own room. Rina is taking off accesories from her hair and put at cloth room.

She is taking off the make up too from her face when Heng stop behind her and put both of his palm on her shoulder.

Heng pecks on the back of Rina's left ear. "We're husband and wife now" he whispers. "I feel so happy right now, my dream and wish already come true. I still can't get enough of you".

Rina is silent. But she's smiling and just continue taking off her make up. She feel so uneasy with it. Her face needs to breath from all dirty from make up mecury.

Heng smirks. "Don't wanna talk to me, huh?" He whispers again. Now he unzipped Rina wedding dresses so he can access to the crook of her neck, just before her right shoulder. He pecks on the pale and soft skin and nozzling it with the tip of his nose. Inhales the sweet scent his wife has.

Rina react to Heng pecked with moans. Heng grins. He already took off his wedding suit and tie since before leaving the hotel. He chuckles lightly. He licks on Rina's neck. "If this isn't love... I don't know what it is anymore baby" Heng turns Rina's body to face him.

Rina look at Heng with calm gaze. "Hmm?".

"This is not our room anymore baby." Heng said while gazing at his wife softly. "But why? Do we have any other's room?" Rina ask Heng with question face.

"Yes baby. But the room is also in another house. We're not going to stay here anymore" Heng explained to Rina. "But I like here. And why we have to move if we already stay here for almost 5 year. The memories in this house will dissapear just like that." Rina pout her mouth. Showing that she's not agreed to move to other house.

"Memories never dissapear, sweetheart. We just creating new memories every single day. Our memories in this house will never dissapear because we're not apart with each other we just move to the other place and create a new one. And i will never stop following you. Even if i died, i will follow you. My soul. My heart will follow you" Heng explained to Rina again.

*So creepy tho. He so determined person. I know Kai won't leave her alone. He even follow her here* Yeon

Rina smile to her husband. Satisfy with his answered. "Okay baby... Then when we'll move out?". Rina playing with Heng's suit buttons.

"Soon baby, we need to go to our honeymoon trip first." Heng caught Rina hands and kiss her palm slowly. Her face become red. So red.

"You still shy on me baby, even we already become husband and wife. You're so cute, my wifey." Heng play with Rina lingerie strip that she wearing inside her wedding dresses.

"Should we take a bath first wifey?" Heng put his index and thumb finger on Rina chin to make her look straightly into his eyes. "Hmm?" 'He's wifey is so shy right now.'

*Why you acting so shy Nara, so not you tho* Yeon.

Rina blinks. Her eyes drops to the bed. It covered by white bed sheet with red rose petals scatered on it. Heng eyes follows at where looking at. The bed. "So, no taking bath first baby?"

Heng stands behind Rina again. His fingers touch her shoulder slowly. He pecks on Rina's nape softly. Rina is still stands when Heng's fingers already reach between her thigh and touch her slightly.

And then she let Heng turn her body so they can look at each others' eyes.


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