Arc 3.13 - Zhang

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I wake up in sorrowful feeling. Uhhh.. I don't want to play anymore.

Tears flow out from my eyes. I look at my surrounding. It's all white, there is no scenery.

I felt somewhat lonely and depressed. I still can felt the betrayed feeling from the one I love. Should I continue to play this game?

Is it for money or what? I can feel that if I been transfered to another world my feeling for him is not fake, eventhough I'm just borrowing the host body but my feeling is sincere and true.

Everytime I died, I will cry eventhough I know I'll met him again in the next world. But this time, it's a little bit different.

Someone I love and trust the most had betrayed and killed me, make me feel lonely and depressed when I thinking about it.

In the blink of eyes my surrounding changing. Suddenly, I can see beautiful blue sky and white cloud. I can hear the ocean sound.

My clothes also changing into the white dresses.

I'm walking to the sea, and play it for a while. I smile at the natural scenery. It's so peaceful. There are so many fish swimming around my leg, sometimes it try to bite me. I laugh at the tickleness from it.

While I'm admiring the scenery in front of me, a hard masculine arms wrap around my waist.

I turn around and look at him.

He wear a complete white shirt and pant. It's so breathtaking and very handsome.

I shake my head. This is not the right time for that.

There is a few question running in my head, Where is Yeon? Why the tunnel suddenly changes in to this kind of places? And why he is here?

"Why are you here?" I asked him. He didn't answered just smiling beautifully at me, for a few seconds.

"I miss you, that's why I'm here." He tighten his hold on my waist and pull me more closer to him. My chest bump into his.

After a few minutes he hugging me, He make a space between us before he kiss my forehead softly. I smile at him for a moment.

Then, I realized this not the right to be sweet with him. I pull my arm from him and I walked away

Damn it, I almost fell for his charms. I turn my head around. I can see he's following me, he frowning at me like what the hell I'm running away from him.

When I see him walk more faster than me, Then, I took an oppurtunity to run away from him.

I try to run away from him unfortunately he caught me. He hugging me from behind. He's arm wrapped around my waist and put his chin on my right shoulder.

"Why are you running away, baby girl?" I feel shivered when I heard his husky voice. Bed voice.

I shake my head, my body is trembling.

"You are not him, this only my delusion. No.. I won't fell for you again" I try to shake my hands off from him.

"No.. this is our future. I been waiting for you sweetheart." I look at him, suprised by his statement. He smiling at me

Before I can catch up what happened, everything shattered and change again.

He become dust. The ocean turning into white wall and deep tunnel again.

What's happening?

"So, do you like my gift to you?" I jolted when I heard Yeon voice. Where the shit he's coming from?

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