Arc 3.4 - Zhang

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Rina Pov

The next day, I woke up from my sleep. I heard a loud noise from outside, its voice. so loud. Haishhh...

"Young lady, Master Bai asked for you to come to the living room." A servant told me when she saw I was already awake.

"Thank you... I will be there soon" I answered her.

After I took a bath and wore my clothes, I exited my room and headed straight go to the living room to where my Grandfather was already waiting for my presence.

I heard a voice I wasn't familiar with, it sounded like a guy's voice. It sounded so husky and fierce. I search for the voice I been hearing just now. I widened my eyes when I saw someone so familiar to me. I knew that face. I tried to hide my excitement and my smile.

"Rina greets Grandfather and Yong gege," I said without looking at him.

"Hmm...come and sit beside me Rina, I want to introduce you to someone," my Grandfather said.

I walked towards my Grandfather and sat beside him.

"The person sitting beside your gege is Li Yong." Grandpa introduces him to me. I tilted my head and looked at him

"Nice to meet you Yong gege" I greet him then I realized his name is like Wang Yong. "Excuse me if I being too rude to you Li Yong gege, but can I call you Zhang?" I said without smiling at him. "Why Zhang?" Wang Yong asked me. I look at him and said "Because I like to call him Zhang, it more suit with him" I said, smiled thinly at him.

He never greets at me back nor talks to me even once. Although I don't show it on my face however I feel anxious whenever he didn't say any word to me. Maybe he doesn't remember me like I thought he would. "Grandfather, Yong gege..can you excuse me for a couple of minutes. Rina needs to look at my children for a while" I said to my grandpa and Yong gege. I stood up and excused myself without sending a glance at him.

"Hi, my are you today?" I asked my children, they're still asleep in their soft bed. I heard purr from Riri, I smiled while rubbing its body softly.

"Mommy loves you naa. We need to wait for your father to come here, as soon as he can" I said while continues to rub both of Riri and Mochi. I heard a cough from behind me.

"I nearly had a heart attack when you said about children, you know that," He said to me, I chuckled for a moment and looked at him.

"Hi, Zhang" I walked towards him and stood in front of him.

"Hi, my little Rina, I missed you so much," he said while smiling at me. He tried to make some space between us, I know why is that, it because we still a kid.

"I never thought I would meet you this early though," I said to him. He glanced at me and rub my cheeks with his hands.

"I felt anxious every single day. I waited for you every day, I felt so happy when I saw you at the festival yesterday." He said. I pulled his hand off of my cheek and held it gently.

"When? Why didn't I feel your presence?" I asked him, he takes time to answer my question by playing with my hands.

"Its when I saw you buy cats, you still love cats as they're our children," he said, seeming to be amused.

"Hmm... You dare to tease me huh?" I said while pinching his left shoulder.

"Ouch, it hurts. Hmm, this husband dares to tease you" he said while rubbing his left shoulder. I take my right hand and rub on his shoulder "Sorry... Does it hurt?" I asked him, I felt guilty when I pinched him.

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