Arc 1.8 - Kai

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Kai's PoV

As she pulled me into her arms while saying "I'm her little giant", made my heart beat... it beating so fast. The love I have for this girl is so big, so infinite. I looked down at her face, although her eyes are covered by fabric but she still looked so beautiful. She put her head on my chest and hugged me so tightly.

My brothers *cousins* are cheering for us. They teased how "We are madly a sweet couple!". I hugged her back and kissed her forehead. I have no qualms or shame in showing my love for her in front of other people.

"Wifey, you can let me go now, or do you want to continue this in our bedroom?" I loosened and released her from her blindfold, revealing to me her now lustful eyes.

"Should we?" She said in a naughty voice. I kiss her lips. It was just a simple kiss, done to prove how our marriage was based on love.

"Yes. We should, wifey." I brought her to our room in bridal style. I excused ourselves to my dear brothers by saying that we'll be proceeding to our PERSONAL bedrooms. I didn't forget to greet the elders "farewell" before we left the main house.

The bedroom I am referring to is actually not in the main house. It is in our house, which isn't far from the main house. It just takes a couple of minutes by walking to reach our house. I built this house when I realized that I have deep feelings for this girl in my arms right now.

After we arrived at my house, we immediately went to our bedroom.

I placed her down on the bed. I rubbed her cheeks and kissed her forehead.

"Hubby" I can hear her soft voice. Hearing her voice softens my heart. I kiss her lips deeply. Tonight I'm going to punish her so much. She dares to touch those other guys. Although I know it's just a game, I still feel jealous and possessive every time I remember her touching other guys or other guys touching what's mine.

The first time I saw her touching other guys' hands, I felt outraged. I couldn't calm down until she touched both of my hands. I know she could tell by touching my hands that it was me that she was holding on to.

When finally the choosing time, she chose and hugged me, I was so happy.

After our hot kisses, I open her clothes one by one. Each layer of her clothes I open, I kiss her breast that is covered by a thin layer just to tease her. This went on until I reached the thinnest layer of her clothes. I pulled it off from hers' to see her beautiful and soft body.

I admire her body so much. I can kiss it every night and every day. I want to treat her like my goddess. She is like my queen. If someone can hear my thoughts at this moment, they would think I was only lusting for her body and not her. To be honest I had actually fallen in love with her from the first time I had seen her, but I denied my feelings.

Even I would always bully her in my bed but when we leave our room, I always treat her like a queen, my queen.

"Wifey, you're so beautiful. I can't ever get enough of you.." I kiss her neck slowly, until I meet her beautiful 'sister'. I kiss it deeply.

She loudly moans in response. I guess even the maids can even hear it.

I lick and bite it. Both of my hands are on her thighs. I pull her close to my mouth and kiss her 'sister' more deeply and clean her.

She now loudly moans my name. "KAI! I ca...can't. I wanna to, le..t go..." I know she's now closer to her climax. That's why I lick her deeply. I put my tongue deep inside of her. She pulled my hair harder; but in a soft way, she is telling me that she wants to come. I love to hear her scream my name.

After her first climax, I didn't stop right there. I proceed with preparing her for me to be inside her. As soon as I'm satisfied of her, I shoved my 'little brother' inside her. I wait for her instruction to move. When she tightened her 'sister'. I knew it was my sign to go.

I pump into her harder. I grunt and moan her name.

"Why...are... you still so tight..e.ven...hmmm..we already did it so many times?" I asked as I go in and out of her.

"Ahhh..Be..cause it you.., I...I... always want you" she said. She moans so loudly when she came.

And I groan on her left ear when I cummed inside her. Wow. It feels so good. I look at her face. She looked so disheveled but I love her.

I kiss her lips and kept going on with our activities for a couple rounds.

I woke up first. I looked to see her face first. I rubbed her left cheek softly with my right hand. She looked so tired but still so beautiful even after our last activities.

I kissed her forehead. Today I need to bring her to meet my other Brother a.k.a my best friend, The Third Prince Wang Lei.

I touched her face softly, a smile appearing on my face when she came closer to me and hugged me tightly. She rubbed her face on my chest, searching for comfort and continuing her sleep. She really looks cute like a baby at times like these. I kiss her lips, I really can't ever get enough of her. It's like she really is meant for me for the rest of my life.

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