Arc 2.9 - Heng

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Narrator's PoV

Kang Jian and Lijuan relationship are getting attentions from Kang Jian's mother, after she knows about their relationships she ask him to break up with her but Kang Jian being stubborn person ever. He never listen to his mother demand. He still want to be in relationship with Lijuan. End up the one who get the impact is Lijuan.

She get all the bruised from the Kang Jian's fan's club and his mother's vassal. But she pretend nothing happened. Its make Kang Jian love her more because she still with him even though he knows what she been through. Kang Jian been protecting her without she knowing about it. They fight for their own love and not afraid to show it the whole world.

A/N: 😑 as if the whole world want to knows about them pstt.

The fight they face every day never get them weak or even weaker but more powerful than before because they get the support from their friends and supporter's. Until his mother's succumb with their own stubbornness.


Heng Ruo and Rina relationship are opposite from them. Both of their parents accepted their relationship openly. Although at first Rina feel so nervous because Heng Ruo's from one of the richest families. But she feel so pleasant because they accept her fully. Heng Ruo feel so grateful that his parents accepts the woman he love despite his parents never care about him. They never prevent he to love someone even she is not from a rich family. They don't want him to be like them.

The obstacle between both of them is not much, just they being a possessive lover. After that night of expressing everything to each other they become more sweeter than before. It make people curious about their relationship because they never fought each other , they always go and back to the class together.

Rina's PoV

"Babe, I'm bored" i said while lay on bed. I look at Heng who is so busy doing his thesis. It's his final year, he must do thesis so he can graduate early than he suppose. To be honest i'm so proud of him, but i just want him attention. Petty am I ~Bad Rina~

"Baby~~~" he look at me and smile a little bit, "Wait for a couple of minutes baby, i'm going to finish this as soon as possible" He said looking back at the laptop again. "That's what you were saying 3 hours ago" i pout my mouth.

Then i wake up and go the kitchen, i want to make him something. I know he must be stressed up with all the thesis he been doing for the past three hours.  After i put all the food I had prepare on plates I put it on the Mirror table, then i go behind him and massage his shoulders.

"Rest for a little bit babe, i bought fruits and juices. Eat first and you can continues later" i said to him. He look at me with glowing smile on his face. He pull my right hand and pecks it  "I love you baby, thank you" He said to me. Then he pull me on his lap.

He pecks my lip with his soft lips then its become more intense. His warm tongue slip between in my lips, i follow his lead and response to him. Then i pull off from him slowly. The tips of our nose is touches. I smile while looking at him. "I love you" he said to me slowly. I hug him and hide my face on the crooks of his neck "I love you too" i said to his right ear and kiss his neck slowly.

"I don't know how to survive without you, baby" he rub my cheeks after he pull off from his neck. "Why? Before this you live well without me, What with the cringe word tho" i smirk at him.

He bites my lower lip. I scream for little bit. "Dare you to said that to me huh, baby girl. I'm just being sweet and appreciate you" he said to me with a frown were showed on his face.

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