Arc 1.6 - Kai

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Rina's Pov

-----Time Skip-----

A year has passed since that day we discussed our feelings and our marriage by that lake. Time sure goes fast and I'm not ready yet. Geez. I'm actually scared.

"Rina! Father and Mother are calling for you!" I heard Lee Anne's voice outside my room.

Speaking about Lee Anne, She has already met the Prince. Their first meeting was such a disaster, I tell you, but it's also rather cute. She actually bumped into him while holding food in her hands. The Prince wanted to get mad but one look at Anne's innocent face managed to get 2 things done all at the same time. It has managed to dissipate his anger and had also managed to ensnare his heart. OF COURSE, this meet-cute ended with both falling in love at first sight.

"Yes, Father and Mother. Is there anything you want to tell me?" I politely asked them as soon as I found them.

"There is, my daughter, there is. You will soon be 23 years old. My beautiful daughter will finally be married to Kai. Father is now sad but wishes to discuss with you whether we should wait again a couple of years more before you get married." My father says. I was shocked by his words that I could barely hide it.

"Father, Rina is understand your feeling, but we should discuss this matter with Kai and his family. Don't you think so?" I softly asked him.

"I would like to discuss this matter with them, but Kai ,your betrothed, would never agree with this old man's request. He would rather 'get married to you as soon as possible if he can' and those were his sentiments." Father angrily yet childishly answered with his lips now pouted with a frown.

"Father, I know you are afraid of anything that could happen to me as soon as I married him. I knew it even before we were even betrothed to each other. Despite that Father, I'm the one who is still willing to marry him even though he has been betrothed to me without his own consent." I reasoned out to him.

"Hmm... Daughter if that's what you really wanted, then Father's willing to marry you to Kai's" my father finally agreed. Despite that, I know deep down he still fears of what would happen to me in the imminent future.

Kai's Pov

Today's my wedding day to my little Rina. Excitement is the perfect word to describe my feeling right now. I am still with my family as her family forbid me to meet her when she is not officially mine yet.

My patience is not strong enough for me to hold on to, but her family said if l went to see her without their own consent then they would not allow our marriage to take place. I may have the option to elope with her but I want her to remember the precious moments that come with this special day. She once said that she wanted to be happy and to be loved by her husband for the rest of her life.

I swore to her that she didn't have to worry about that because I will neither take any concubine nor cheat on her for the rest of my life. I love Rina with my whole being. I didn't know when it started. It might have been from the very first time I met her when she was 10 years old. I denied all the feelings that I have for her at first. Now I know my feelings, i would never let her go. Like ever.

She will be mine forever.
I love her.
Today, of course, marks the day that she fully will be mine. Being a Pervert for my little Rina is not a sin, right?

* But she is my host! You shouldn't not have any dirty thoughts about her.* Yeon remarked.

Then, I saw her walking on the altars. Despite her face covered by a thin red fabric, she looked so ethereally beautiful in that red wedding dress. My heart's beating so fast. The love that I have for her is just so big, I slowly realized.

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