Arc 2.2 - Heng

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(Author-sama: My stories will be a bit different with original drama, because I'm more focus on second lead male not the first/hero lead male ) 🥰

Rina’s PoV

I look at my surroundings. Yeon transmigrated me in the first scene. Geez. Great.

Upon entering, I saw Lijuan look at Heng Ruo with loving eyes. Heng Ruo’s playing the Violin. The way he played the violin was so wonderful; however there is something off about it, it sounded sad but at the same time it is still a beautiful melody.

I divert my attention to Lijuan's movement, Ouhh, she's walking towards him.' I ran to her side, screaming her name "Lijuan!"

She looked back at me, her face confused as if she didn't recognize me.
"Where are you going? We have a class." I circle her arm with mine. " you know me?" She asked me. "Of course I know you! You're Lijuan. I've known you since high school, but I'm too shy to talk to you. You were so popular back then." I tell her. She still looked at me with an unsure expression, but only for a short while.

"Ouh... what is your name?" She asked me while smiling. "My name is Lee Rina" I answered her question. "Ouh. I know you too! You're actually quite popular back then too. You were known as the shy girl." She said to me, stopping for a while because of her excitedness. Her expression looked so pleased that I'm here with her. "I'm glad that I have an old school mate with me, because I actually don't like talking to new people." I said. "Me too," Lijuan agreed as we continued our journey to class.

"Now, we should go back to class. We can search for your swimming club together when we were back from the class." I pulled her hand towards the class’s direction.

"Wait..How did you know I want to search for the swimming club?" she curiously asked me. "Ahhh..I just happened to overhear what you said when I saw you." I lied to her to make it less suspicious. She nodded her head.

I turn my back for a while and see Heng Ruo's looking at us. I see him, then I winked my left eye at him. He looked startled and I chuckled at his reaction. "Why are you laughing?" Lijuan asked me. She looked at me like I'm a weird and crazy person. "Nahh nothing let's go." I pulled her hand and ran toward our classroom.


After our class ended, we searched for swimming's club. After finding the club’s location, we walked to the cafe. I can hear the girls screaming and see them pushing each other.

'I bet the F4 guys will come through that door'. Then as to my expectation, I see the Four’s figures walk through the main door and go straight to their place, the kind of VVIP's place.

I look at Lijuan. She seemed kinda lost with the whole situation. "Hey, are you okay?" I shake her arm, to wake her up to reality. "Y-yeah. I'm okay. Just shocked that those people looked so excited just as those four guys walked through the door." she explained. "Yeah, they jumped like monkeys released from the zoo." I seconded, kind of bored with the topic.

Same old, same old, huhh.

We walk toward the buffet table to choose our food. We gathered what we could eat and took our seats to eat on the table at the end of the corner. We ended up chattering happily to each other. 'The female lead is so cute! She’s talking with her mouth full of her food!!! She’s like a hamster.' I chuckled a little bit as I observed her eating.

Our lunch-filled-happy session went on until we noticed this one girl. She was waiting in front of F4's place. I can see that she's holding a gift on her hands. 'She must be one of those girls who admire the male lead. Poor her.' Such a shame, she looks so happy tho. I thinly smile at the view of her waiting for her prince charming.

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