Arc 2.5 - Heng

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Heng’s PoV

She had just come out from her room. She's wearing a white dress. She looks so beautiful, like an angel. Everyone complimented her except for Kang Jian and me.

I'm too shocked to say anything, because I always see her wearing a shirt and jeans. Although in those simple clothes she already looks so beautiful.

I noticed everyone move from the table and walk to the van where the driver was already waiting.

While I'm still here staring at her. My mind seemed like it had already stopped working. Suddenly the feeling of possessiveness to own her appeared inside of me.

I heard honks from the driver it's awakening me from my stupor. She then ran toward the vans with her sneakers. Despite her wearing a dress, she is still wearing sneakers.

She once told me that, she can't wear any high heels. Her feet would hurt if she wears them. I feel that she was so cute when she said that.

I follow her from behind. She entered the van first, taking the back seat. I sat beside her. As soon as the van moved, everyone started talking to each other.

"Why are you wearing a dress?" I ask her while turning my face to face her.

"Because I felt like wanting to." She replied curtly. I know the reason why she replied in short. I’ve been keeping our relationship a secret after all. She actually wanted to tell everyone that she's in a relationship with me but I told her that I'm not ready to tell my friends.

I still remember her disappointed face when I said that to her; but she still gave me her best smile and said it was fine. She say she will wait ‘till I'm ready.

I feel her love towards me becoming bigger day by day. Actually to be honest I am already in love with her. I'm just waiting for the right time to confess everything to her.

I looked at her. She was looking at Kang Jian and Lijuan. They were having lovely interactions with each other.

I saw her look at their hands. They were interlock their hands with each other. She then looked out the window. The soft sigh can be heard from her mouth.

I feel really guilty. Our relationship is in a stable stage. We trust each other. I love her and she also loves me. The only one who knows about my relationship is only Xiao Zan. Although he's a playboy, he knows how to give advices when it comes to relationship despite he being a playboy.

Before we came to Maldives I met him in his house. I have been talking to him about it for hours. I spilled everything to him about my relationship with Rina.

He told me to be honest with my feelings or I will lose her . He doesn't want me to repeat his mistake, he didn't want it to happen to me.

I will confess my love for her tonight. I ask the beach house's workers to set up a place for me.

Today or never!


We arrived at the aquarium. We entered to explore the place. My little Rina seems quite pleased with this place. She looked so happy with seeing a lot of living fishes.

We came to the underground complex to watch live small whales, some sharks and so many living things behind the glass tunnels. Everyone is scattered away from each other.

I came behind her. I look around me and when I see no one that I know, I hug her from behind. I put my chin on her shoulder.

I can feel she leans her body toward me. I turn our body around facing the glasses. I took her phone and captured our moments on her phone.

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