Arc 1.5 - Kai

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A/N: Rina is 22 years old and Kai is 23 years old.

Rina Pov

Now it's been a few weeks after my birthday Celebration. My parents had already announced my marriage date which will be held on my 23rd year. I'm actually glad since there is a year gap till that day.

Talking about marriage, Kai has not yet shown up and I did not get any information whether he really is back yet or not.

As I thought about him, I sat in my garden facing the lakes, looking at the blue sky with a beautiful white cloud. It is so peaceful and silent here.

Suddenly I sensed someone's standing at behind me. I turned around and see Kai looking at me with serious expression.

"Rina" He spoked out my name.

I take my sweet time to look at how much changes in him after 7 years been apart from him.

He still handsome like last time I had seen him, maybe much more. I can see he gain much more muscle and he face become mature.

He take a sit beside me. "How are you?" I tilted my head to look at him "Rina is fine and well. And Kai, how are you?" My heart beating so hard. Maybe because it's been so long since I saw him.

"Erm, I'm fine."

Then we become silent, an awkward one. I can feel a tense aura around us but I didn't said anything about it.

After some times we become silence he cough out suddenly.

"Rina, I want to discuss something with you about our marriage." He said with fierce voice.

"Did it have to be a year?" He asked me while gazing at the lake without looking at me.

"Why? Isn't enough? We can extand it more if you want it" I tried laughed a little bit unfortunately the situation didn't get any better.

"No" he said.

"No? Kai do not want to marry Rina?" I asked him.

Suddenly he standing then kneel in front of me. My eyes are widened.

"Kai, should get up, if your soldiers saw you they will..."

"They will not said anything, don't worry" he said. He take my right hands and hold it.

"Rina, let's not wait for a year. Let marry as soon as possible" I stupefied by his word.

"Kai, we can't. Elders already decide our marriage date" I say, smiling at him.

He pull my hand and kiss on the palm. "I can't stand to be apart from you any longer" he said.

"Kai... Are you really, Kai?" Why his character become so clingy after his come back? I look at the man who still knelt in front of me.

"Yes I am. I'm still Kai the one you love" he said tenderly.

"Why are you become like this? Kai I had know is someone so serious and fierce" I said.

"My Rina. Your Kai become like this is because of you. I been missing you too much" did he just admit that he love me??

"Ermmm, Kai.." he suddenly pull my head and kiss my lips.

His lip so soft, it make me melt. After few seconds, he pull off.

He sit beside me again and hug me. "Rina, Let's marry as soon as possible. I'm can't stand anymore to be apart from you. What I had said before I left to military, is I love you. This aloof, fierce and cold man fall in love with a woman. And her name is Lee Rina"

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