Arc 4.3 - Xavier

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Unknown guy's PoV

The way she walk is so sexy even when she wearing a casual shirt and skirt but still look very beautiful and elegant.

I have to cover my expression before she noticed that I was smiling crazily just by looking at her.

"Mr Xavier. Nice to meet you, finally." After greeting him Linda introduced her and her son to me. I tilt my head to look at her.

"Hi..." She greets me, I smile at her a little bit then turn back into serious mode. Try to act cool in front of her.

She look at me with widen eyes before change it second later. I look down and see a little boy who's holding her skirt tightly like he holding his whole life on it.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Xavier. I'm so suprised when Linda said that you will be here too." The way she smiling at me make me want to hide her from the whole world. She is very gorgeous.

"Actually it's my pleasure to finally meet you, Ms Rina and..." I look at the little boy.

"Liam, my name is Liam, uncle." Such a clever boy. His pure and innocent look make me smile at him.

"And nice to meet you too, Liam" I stroke his hairs softly. He finally make soft smile toward me.

"You can take a walk around first, before you decide whether you want to rent it or not. I'm more concern about my client satisfaction" I smile at her.

"Liam, can you sit here with Linda? Mom will take minutes to walk around first" I heard her conversation with her son. Her voice is so gentle like her appreance.

"Alright mom, Liam will wait for you. Don't worry, Miss Linda will keep me accompany with Mr handsome over here" he said. I heard my assistant (Alex) chuckled at his word.

"So am I.. that Mr handsome, little Liam?" Alex show his index finger at himslef while ask Liam. Liam nodded his head.

"Ermm.. you're handsome" he hides behind Linda after saying it.

Then all of us chuckled at his cuteness and shy attitude.

"If you say so, Liam. Mom gonna take a few minutes okay. I will come back." She kissed his forehead before start walking ahead.

"Ms Rina, I can keep you accompany while they are waiting here for you" I said hoping my plan will working, when she nodded her head I'm screaming in my heart.

First we go to the first floor, she look around. I saw her head is nodding and she smile while looking around, look like she approved it. I don't know what in her head when she's looking around. But I think she satisfied with the area in the first floor. 

"Ms Rina. I heard you want to open a bakery shop in here?" I trying to make a conversation with her.

"Actually... it's my dream since I was a little kid. I love to eat fresh baked bread and the smell of fresh baked bread and pastry make me happy. So when I have an oppurtunity to finally open a bakery I become more excited about it. And this place is actually look good. Unfortunately I'm not an expert designer when in comes to interior design." I'm happy when she's telling me about her dream.

Don't worry lady, I will make your wish come true.

We continue to look around while talk a little bit.

Suddenly she jumped on me when she saw dead cockroach on the floor. I take an opportunity to wrapped my arm around her waist.

"It's okay, it already dead" i whispered on her left ear. When I feel she shivered in my armed I smile at it.

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