Arc 2.1 - Heng

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"Awww, can't you do it slowly? Your punch’s still so damned hurt!!" Nara angrily hissed at Yeon.

(Author-sama: If you guys forget, the host’s real name is Nara and it's in chapter 1, the last part.)

*No can not do, Nara. So here we are..We're in the second world. Same rules apply to this world, lucky you. Same goal: Save the second male lead from heart break and make him happy.* Yeon explains.

"I know...I know... So, what is this world’s story about? And what character do I get this time?" I ask him with my eyebrow raised, demanding an answer from him.

*Do you know F4? Boys Over Flower? Hana Yori Dango? Or Meteor garden?* Yeon asks Nara.

"Of course I know them! These dramas are quite popular in my world, you know? The lead male is a jerk but at the same time is gentle and kind." Nara replied.

*Good for you. This world is similar as those dramas, but in your case, you're the best friend of the female lead when you entered the university. Unfortunately, your character's not that big enough to make you shine; but you can change the story line, of course.* Yeon explains.

"Ok then, but answer me my two questions first. Is my husband also in this world? And I can still act out of character, right?" I asked him.

*Yes I already told you that your husband's soul will follow you in your next lives, right? And also YES, you can act as in or out of character's as long as the story doesn't change too much.*Yeon explains.

*Okay then, I will tell what the storyline of this world and keep it short. So it can you to go through in this world.

An ordinary girl named Lijuan managed to enter the country's most prestigious college, where she meets F4. The exceptional group consists of the four of the most handsome and the richest guys in the college- Kang Jian, Heng Ruo, Xiao Zan and Mei Guong.

Lijuan and Kang Jian first met when Lijuan’s classmate suddenly bumped into Kang Jian, making his clothes dirty in the process. He then got mad and wanted the poor girl to pay some compensation for his ruined clothes. Lijuan thought it was absurd and pushed Kang Jian while saying to him to man up cause not everyone can afford to pay 5,000£ just for an ugly shirt.

As for Kang Jian, weirdly enough had fallen at first sight for Lijuan the moment she pushed him and scolded his caprisce . Never had any girl treated him that way. Kang Jian began to pursue her but since he didn't know how to treat girls and had never fallen in love before, he ended up acting completely like a jerk around her.

Unfortunately for him, Lijuan actually fell in love with the second male lead, Heng Ruo. When she fought the bullies, he was there to help her. He was always there when she needed someone. He was also the one who encouraged her to start her relationship with Kang Jian. He was always there with her, especially when she was facing a big problem with Kang Jian. He was the one who always supported her. When Lijuan had an argument with Kang Jian, she always turns to Heng Ruo for advices on what she supposed to do. This was their set-up until Kang Jian and her married each other. At the end Kang Jian and Lijuan life happily ever after. Quite a cliche right?

On the other hand, Heng Ruo became the person who loved Lijuan and protected her whenever dangerous came into her life. Heng Ruo never actually liked Lijuan because she's no one to begin with at first. He first met her when she lost on her way back to college's swimming club. But as time went on, slowly his feelings for Lijuan started to change. Her strength and kindness became the reason why Heng Ruo fell in love with her. Lijuan was never afraid when she declared war against Kang Jian. But everytime she feels muddled about her feelings concerning Kang Jian, she rushes to Heng Ruo for comfort. Unfortunately for Heng Ruo, he realized his feelings towards Lijuan a little too late. Lijuan’s already falling deeper in love with Kang Jian.  Despite all obstacles, they stayed together until she married him.

Where is your character throughout all this? Lee Rina, an extra, is Lijuan's best friend. Whenever Lijuan goes, she always there. She always spend time together with F4 boys. She ended up falling in love with Heng Ruo. She always paid extra attention to him. When Heng Ruo had his heart break, she's there to cure him. Unfortunately, he never sees her effort. She spent her times trying to win Heng Ruo’s affections, but to no avail. Heng Ruo still loves Lijuan and had his affections for her to remain despite Lijuan and Kang Jian's marriage. Lee Rina's always there for him when he needs her, but he never sees her. Sad right? In this love triangle, where there's only a one-sided love between two people and True Love between the other Two people. What will you do Nara?* Yeon explained  while I glared at him as he continued.

"What will I do huh? Of course I'm going to seduce my husband. How dare he fall in love with another girl? Just you wait, I’ll make him regret it. If he still doesn’t see or recognize me, I'm going to leave him alone for the rest of his life!" Nara said, more likely she promised herself. As if she can leave him alone.

*I forgot to tell you. Your husband will not remember anything about his past world. His face's the only remant of Kai's. His feelings, well, you have to find that out by yourself.* Yeon grins.

"If he doesn't recognize me, it's okay but if he is still in love with her after I seduce him then I. Will. Leave. Him." I said, emphasizing word by word. It actually hurts when your love’s unrequited. It's like you clapped only with one hand.

*Good luck, then.*

-Edited by ChunelleCEspanol-

Author-sama’s Sidenotes:

*Maybe some of you guys is confused with her name*

¤ When Rina in her off mission her name- Nara

¤ When in her mission, her name will be- Lee Rina

*Her name will never change except for the second lead name.*

*Hope you guys enjoy it!*

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