Arc 1.4 - Kai

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A/N: Rina is 10 years old when she fell in love with Kai, since then she been pursuing Kai. Then after 5 years pursuing, Nara come to take over her body.

Kai is 11 years old when he met Rina for the first time. So it been 5 years Rina been pursuing him, he didn't even realized that he actually fell in love with her since the first time they met.


Then it's time for Rina's family retreat. I realized maybe it would be the last time I met Kai.

Maybe he already fall in love with my sister when they talked at his backyard. Then I won't have any chance to meet him again.

Thinking about that thought, It actually make me sad. He look like my crush, I want to meet him again.

'then make he fell in love with you' Yeon said in my head.

'how can I, I already make a plan to make he fell in with Lee Anne?'

'then it your loss' Yeon shrugged his unexisted body

"Father, May I have a chance to talk with Rina" I look at Kai. Huh?? To me?

He look at me then asked me to follow him at the backyard.

"What do you want to tell me?" I asked him.

"I will be gone for 7 years." He said. As usual. Aloof and cold.


"You can be friend with everyone"


"You can enjoy your life, when I were gone"


"Take care of yourself and and health"


"When I come back, we will get married"


"What...wait..what?" I look at him, I my hand unconsiously grabbed his sleeve.

"I will claimed you after I get back" he said again.

"But.. I thought.. You will...Urmm" my brained is not functioning for a while.

"You thought I will marry your sister.?" He asked me.

I nod my head softly.

"And why is that?" Kai's hands slowly wrapped around Rina Waist when without Rina realized.

"Because today, I try to make you like my sister." Rina said.

"I do" I look at him.

"You do what?" I hate this kind of conversation.

"I do like your sister"

"Then, you should marry my sister not me. You don't like me but you like my sister" I said. Rina unconsciously put her hand on Kai's chest.

"I don't want to" he said.  Kai is enjoying Rina getting annoyed. It weird, he actually hate when Someone annoyed him, but when he annoyed Rina, he actually like it.

"Ahhh... You are so annoying" she pout he mouth.

"Yes. I am. And I love you" Rina look at him with suprised.

"What did you just said?" I look Kai, he just smiled at me.

"Wait for me here. Take care of yourself and health. Don't try to find someone else. After I come back I will tell you again." Kai's smile at Rina.

He then her hand and kissed on her palm.

"I will miss this warm hand." He kiss my palm again.

He kiss my cheek "I will miss cheek".
He kiss my forehead. " I will miss you. A lot"

I pushed him and put my hand on my cheeks.

"Don't kiss me like that" I feel my face getting hot.

"Why not? We're bethrothed." He circle his arm around my waist.

"Are you getting shy on me?" He asked me softly.

"I am" I nod my head.

"Alright, I won't do it. But I'm not promised that I won't do it again" I pushed his chest.

"Stop. Kai stop" he chuckled at me.

"Kai, son. Stop making my daughter more red than she already is" both of us shocked at our parents suddenly appear at backyard.

"It's my first time seeing my son, mischievous act." I look at Kai, turn to be serious again but he arm still on my waist.

"Rina, I think we should go back. The sky is turning darken." My father said.

"Kai, son. Hope you will come back here alive. I will prayed for you" my father said.

"Thank You, father-in-law" he said.

Wow How bold.

My mother also said the same thing, and my sister. Until its my turn.

"I will send you letter, every week" I said.

"I will replied to every letter you give me" he said.

Then I turn to Kai's parent. Saying I will would like to visit them sometimes.

I look Kai for the last time before we retreat back.

See you again, Kai.

-Edited by ChunelleCEspanol-

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