Arc 1.2 - Kai

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Lee Rina's Pov

I had just woken up from my absurd dream. Damn Yeon for transmigrating me into an antagonist character.

How can I make the second male lead happy if I am the villain of this
damned story? Geez.

When I looked around, I noticed that all my maids seemed terrified of me. Based on this body’s memories, it seems she had always gotten angry at them without any good reason and likewise, punished them for it. In other words, she is so evil! Ugh!!!

"My la..lady, it's time to wake up.'' one of the maid approached me with a stuttering voice.

"Hmmm... Alright, I’m already awake", I replied while smiling at her. The maid seemed stunned by her mistress's disposition that morning, because for the first time in a long while, she was in a
good mood.

Before I walked out of my room to go to the living room, I first stood in front of my make-up mirror then exclaimed, 'My, My! What a beautiful girl Rina is! It makes me wonder how could Lei
Kai not like her with THIS?' Geez.

I (now) have an oval face, clear white skin, big bright eyes and beautiful red lips. 'Wow! Even my hair is very soft and shiny. Can I appreciate first how beautiful am I? Duhh. I feel like I am a queen here. Excuse me for that.' Lee Rina happily muttered to herself. After admiring myself (for a long while), I stood up and turned to the nearest maid.

"Where is my father, mother? And sister?" I asked. The maids were perplexed with how manner Rina is but they still showed the way to Living Hall.

'Maybe she finally had a good dream and woke at the right side of the bed' the maids assumed. They nodded their head in silences.

"Rina greet Father, Mother and Elder Sister. Rina ask for your forgiveness for waking up this late as it is already evening. Rina also wish to ask for pardon for my neglect towards my study sessions up to this day. Rina have greatly reflected on this, and for all those errors I am greatly sorry." I greeted and pleaded with the most lady-like tone I could manage.

Thus the 15 years old Rina managed to stupefy the whole house with her drastic change of character. 'The system did say I can change my character anytime I want, right?'

*But not this drastic, silly girl!* Yeon facepalmed himself.

"It's alright, Rina, we too have just arrived. Ahh, your fiance recently invited us to his own private birthday celebration. Do you wish to attend with us?" Father happily asked.

"But Rina aren't you--" Lee Anne began but their mother cynically rebuked her,

"She's already fine, what are you worrying for? You never cared about her before, have you?" Mother cut Lee Anne Words.

"Sister, Rina already feel better. This little sister is so thankful that Elder Sister is worried about me. Mother should not cut what Sister wishes to say for me, this saddens me" I said pulling a sorrowful
face just to soften this family's hearts for me.

"Okay, Mother will try for you" my mother says. Despite her words and adoringly cheerful tone, her smile did not seem genuine.

"Sister do you want to come with me to Kai's house?" I look at Lee Anne. Her face become bright.

'If I show my innocent sister to a future general Kai before She meet Third Prince maybe they will end up together and be happy. My mission would easily be completed. Hah! I'm so clever ! My mission is to make the second lead happy right?? Hmm… Then I will make him happy.'

"But Kai only wanted the three of us to go. We have never invited your sister before. Why must we invite her now?" My confused father asks.

"Because we are family, father. Besides, if I did get married to Kai one day, I would need to introduce the whole family to him. I don't want to neglect any one of us anymore. I want for us to be a true family, the very essence of it. Is it not the reason why you become my Father, my Mother and my sister? This is the very reason why God created us: to become family. I don't want any of us to be left behind anymore" I explained with a soft and beautiful tone. All to make
my father realize what our situation is right now.

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