Arc 4.8 - Xavier

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Time skip after the attempt of rape.

Xavier's PoV

I look at her sleeping after having a nightmare. It's been like this for about a month already.

I try to be there everytime she having a nightmare or bad mood. She try to look happy but I know it's opposite from being happy.

I stroke her hair softly and kiss her forhead. "I love you, Rina"

I lay beside Rina and hug her from back. After a few minutes, I feel she move and turning around to hug me. She put her head on my chest.

I rub her back until I heard her sleeping breath.

I closed my eyes and let the dark conquer me.


I came back to my dark ground. My bodyguard bow down at me, sign of greetness.

There is something inside me feel unsatisfied after her ex husband (Zackry) got into jail.

I know he had backup, a couple of loyal person who still does his dirty job.

I call Alex to catch them and bring them to my dark ground

*Xavier dark ground, where he actually become bad, his another personality appear. This personality has a kink to smell blood and love to hear someone screaming about pain or begging him to spare his or her life*

I look a couple of bruised guy, their lip already cracked. My

Suddenly I feel dizzy and dark consume me.

Third's PoV

Suddenly the air become more tense as soon as Xavier wake up from his collapse. They see their boss face change from gentle smile to scary one. He keep grinning as he look at the strange people who been tied to the chair.

"Everyone please left, except for Ricky. I will bring this one first. You take care of this three, make sure they don't run away. I trust you" Xavier bring Zackry's best man to his favorite room. The Darkest.

18+ Warning, skip this if you're afraid with crime scene-murder

#I didn't name the guy, I will mention it as 'that guy'#

"Where are you bringing me??!" The guy shout at Xavier who still dragging him over. Xavier open the door and push the guy into a huge cage and lock it.

"Shushh... Shushhh. Now you better be quite or you going to died in the most painful way " Xavier drag the cage to nearest bed that full of blood. He then open the a silk that cover the whole table.

The guy who in the cage start screaming as soon as he sees tools on the table.

"Please... Please..I begging you. Please don't kill me." He cry for his life but Xavier who look at his pathetic crying start to laugh.

"Beg me more, cry more. You look cute at it. But, it's kind of pity that I can't let you live" Xavier walk forward to that guy while bringging a file with him.

He took out one of the photo from the file.

"Do you know who she, is?" He show the photo to that guy.

That guy look at the photo and nod his head.

"Yes, I know her. She is my boss's ex-wife. Rina" The guy tell Xavier the truth because he getting scare at Xavier grin smile.

"Good, now tell me what have you did to her" Xavier then walk to the another table and took out a coat. A plastic one, and a long plastic coat. He then wear it.

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