Arc 1.10 - Kai

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Third PoV

It has been 10 years since Rina and Kai had been married. A lot of things happened in the past decade. After 3 years of being a couple, The Third Prince had finally proposed to Lee Anne to marry him. They got married at the end of the year.

Later, The Third Prince had been decreed as the crown Prince. 7 years later, he's crowned as Emperor of our country and Lee Anne is crowned as his Empress. They ruled the country well. The poor people no longer lived in the streets. They can finally build houses for themselves. The country's secure with jobs for everyone.

While Rina and Kai have been granted twins after 2 years of marriage. They are Lei Guo (boy) and Lei Xiao (girl). Both of them are now 8 years old.

Their life is so colorful. Even though Kai is still a general in their country, it doesn't bother their sweet life. They're still a lovey dovey couple and had been making a lot of other couples jealous with their relationship.

It would be a lie to say that they never argued throughout their relationship. Both of them are possessive with each other. One day in the court, Kai had been proposed to by a minister to take a princess as his concubine.

But Kai refuses to take any concubine in his life so the argument between the ministers happened in the court. The argument didn't end until Kai made a stern statement that "If anyone dares to make a proposal like that again about me taking any concubine more, I will kill him without any mercy. I don't care about your status. I will kill you and no one can stop me!" He proclaimed with a fierce voice that made everyone in the court freeze in fear. No one dared to protest, even the Emperor himself.

They lived happily without any disturbance after that.

Rina PoV

Today Kai will come back from his duties of leading his soldiers to conquer another state. He would be back from the capital, and so I'm waiting for him at the front gates. I also see every soldier's wife and their child standing beside me, waiting for their individual husband's to return. I can finally see Kai with his horse's coming closer and closer to the front of the gate.

I look at him with tears in my eyes, smiling at his return. Even though Kai is always out for his duties to the state, every time he comes back my heart softens, relieved that he is alive and well.

He came down from his horse to hug me. "My wifey, I missed you." He said while hugging my waist. He kissed my forehead. This shameless husband of mine is always like this every time he comes back from the capital. All the other soldiers smile when they see their stern general soften like a puppy in front of his wife.

He looked at me with a soft smile and said, "My wife, let us go home." He then held my right hand and together walked home.

His horses had already been taken by our guards.

We talked to each other until midnight and made love. This horny husband of mine never let me go every time he has the chance to make love to me. When he came home, our love style will change. It will be lovelier than the past and I'll never be alone again in the house. Although my kids are always there for me.


Kai PoV

It has been 20 years since we've been granted children. Now they're already Adults, My daughter's already married to the scholar and my son followed my path. He, too, became a general at a young age. I had already resigned from my post as general because I want to spend my remaining time with My Little Rina.

My little Rina is 53 years old and I'm already 55 years old. We have been spending time together for one years as an old married couple after my retirement.

She still looked beautiful as ever. She was wearing a white dress. I can still remember after we made love for the first time, she wore a similar white dress while I wore a black colored one. She is now giving an instruction to the maid to tidy up the gardens because she wanted to build a playground for our grandchildrens. She loves to spoil them with a lot of things.

And I love to spoil her with a lot of love. Our children always ask me why I love to spoil their mother so much even though we had been married for 30 years. I told them because I love their mother way too much that's why I love to treat her like a real queen. I will love my little Rina for the rest of my life, and I will follow her soul in my after life.


Third PoV

20 years later, Rina is 73 and Kai is 75 years old. Their life is still the same, still with the lovey dovey stuff.

Little Rina knew her life was now close to the end, he looked at her husband with a lovely smile.

"My little Giant, I will always love you. Thank you for choosing me to be your love life. I really love you. I will love you in our next life." Rina rubbed her finger in Kai's cheeks.

Kai kissed her forehead. "I love you too, my Little Rina, always.

I will love you in our next life. We will live our life together again with a happily-ever-after. I will choose you over and over again in many lives to come." He kisses her lips and looks at her. He hugs her tightly in their bed. Her eyes slowly close down.

He knows her time has come, and he will follow her after. They died in each other's embrace.

Kai and Rina children arrive at their parents' bedrooms to see their parents dead on their bed. They cried and hoped their parents would meet each other again in their after life.


*Welcome back!* Yeon greets me. Yeon opened its arms & offered to hug her.

A/N: Only Nara (the host real name) can touch and see the real Yeon. Although it is a system.

I ran to its hug, Yeon consoles me. *You love him truly right, host? Don't worry 'cause you will meet him again in the next life.* Yeon said.

I look into his eyes "Really? But how?" I ask him. *Because both of you made a lifetime promise. Geez. How lovely.* He said with a sarcastic smile. *You should be grateful he's your crush. If not you would be in an awkward position of making him happy and making love to him.* He grinned at me.

My face feels so hot. The red color crept on my face. I feel myself blushing all sudden when I remembered how we made love to each other.

*Are you ready for the next game?* He asks me.

"I'm ready." I confidently replied.

*Let's go* he said.


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