Arc 3.10- Zhang

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Third's Pov

Its been two years after the parent's meeting. Zhang Yong and Zhang Ying already married Lee Rina for 6 months. In this world, people openly accepts multiple husbands or wife, they will not judge about it.

A/n: this is fiction, and of course in our world there is no multiple husband except for the wife tho.

So Zhang's parent didn't against their decision to married Rina for both of their sons. They even excited and happily accept they decision because Zhang's mother already loves Rina as her own daughter.

As for Wang Yong, he taken over Zhang Ying place as emperor. The decision been make by Zhang Ying himself without any competion or compete in bloody blood. The rule of the country are also changes, there is no more competion on who will take over the throne because, Emperor himself will pick who ever he think deserve to be an emperor.

Zhang Yong, Zhang Ying and Rina move to Zhang Ying's country. He is the emperor in that country. Zhang Ying been making this decision because no one is looking at his country, he's afraid the people will asking about his presence, so he already decided to work as an emperor again together with Zhang Yong.

He even brought Zhang Yong and his wife. In his country no one will dare to disturb their private life. As for their parents. They decide to stay at their own country, because it had lot of memories in that place. Zhang Ying respect their decision and didn't talk about it. If they want to stay with him, he will accept them with large arm.


Zhang Yong's PoV

"Rina...wake up" I kiss her naked shoulder, and waiting for her to wake up. I massage her back, to make her feel better, we over do it last night. It's because She become more sexy for us to resist her.

Warning!! Only for adult.


In the middle of night, Zhang Ying and I had a talk about stratergy on how to handle the economy to become more better, before suddenly Rina open the door, Reveal her transparent dresses for us to saw. She asked for our opinion about her dresses, she look so sexy with that dresses.  But no one of us speak about it. It was a kimono, a black one. Her white skin become more pale when she wearing a black color.

I look at Zhang Ying, he gulp and he clench his fist. I know he trying to hold his desire to defour our beautiful girl who just step in our secret chamber

I look at her back and see a red beet maid who look at Rina then look back at the ground. I told her to go, and ask Rina to come forward.

"Both of you didn't say anything, it is because this dresses to ugly for Rina, right?" She pout her lips and turn around to show her reveal dresses. Zhang Ying get up and snatch her waist, she bump to his chest.

"You don't how much for me to control my own desire to make you mine, My little Rina" I can see her face turned to beet red. I chuckled when she look at me and Zhang Ying with shy smile.

"Rina, just want to ask my husbands an opinion, not to seduce you" she play with Zhang Ying clothes.

Without any further, Zhang Ying kiss her lips with passionate. I look at Rina who started losing her own breath. And I can feel my little's Yong starting to get bigger.

Compare to me, Zhang Ying is much more pervert and have too much sex drive than me who is much more gentle.

"My wife, this dresses is too much for me to handle your sexyness" I go behind her and kiss her left ear. Then I kiss her neck, left love mark there.

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