Arc 4.1- Xavier

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Rina's PoV

"Mom..." I hear a voice calling for me. A soft voice, it's luring me. I slowly open my eyes and see a beautiful deep blue eyes look at me.

"Mom, where should we go now?" I look surround me.

We're at bus stop. I try to search for wallet in beg located in front of me to see whether I have money left for me to survive but to my disappointment I don't have any penny of money left for us tosurvive.

Urmm... What just happened to me?

"Mom.. you're spacing out again" I tilt my head down and look at the small boy who is touching my arms.

"Don't worry baby, I will try find hotel for us to stay for tonight okay?" He look at me with ease smile. I softly rub his head. He very cute boy.

I tried to read this boy age. Look at his face, maybe he around 8 years old. With skinny body and round eyes. His hair is soft too.

Suddenly I hear a sobbing from this little kid.

"I hate Father for chased us away, what did we do until he chased us Maybe he doesn't love us anymore.." he wipe he tears as soon as it flow out from his eyes. I smile weakly at him. So matured.

I hug him tighly put his head on my chest. I kiss his forehead softly.

"My little boy, look sometimes an adult problem about love is kind of difficult to understand. But mom want you to know mom will love you for the rest of my life. Let's forget about what happened today, we will start a new life, kay? If father doesn't want us anymore, we will not think about him anymore but you should never forget to respect him as your father because he is the one who brought you into this world" I rub his back softly until he stop sobbing and fell asleep in my lap.

'yeon, can you tell me what happened to me in this world?' I asked yeon.

He then appear beside me but no one can see him.

'Okay,' *cough,cough*

'Zackry Will a lead male of this world. He's a CEO of ZW Industries. A hot and young bachelor that always appear in magazines. ZW Industries's own half of the country building, a multi millionare young man. He own shopping malls until Hospital in United's Country. He gaining lot of popularities because he is young and have lot of brilliant idea to rose the economy worth in his country.

Lee Rina, Your mother died because of over dose on drug and after your mother gone, your stepfather chased you away from your own home.

Since then, you had quite peaceful life because you are independent girl. Work 7 days a week just to survive your own life. You graduated from high school with flying color result and get acceptance in IC University.

Your peaceful life end when you turn nineteen years old, It's all happened when your stepfather kidnapped you and sold you to Zackry. He had a debt for a million dollars and as exchange to pay for his debt he sold you to him.

Fortunately for you to get continue to study until you graduated. After a year being his wife, he finally fell in love with you and give a chance to start new life with you, he give you so much attention and pampered you very much. You had a son with him a year after and happily married with him.

Until he feeling started to changed after he met heroine seven year after your son borned, he been cheating on you since then. Even though you know he cheated on you but you still love him. You try your best to get his full attention on you again, unfortunately it didn't happened as your planned and you had neglect your son just to get his attention.

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