Arc 2.6 - Heng

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Rina's PoV

I'm wearing simple clothes, a Blouse and skirt that went under my knees. Today we're going to have a barbecue. It is also our second day vacationing in this country.

After all, I'm quite pleased with everything and enjoy it.

I arrived at the beach. The workers said the barbecue will be held here, but I don't see anyone else except me. I follow one of the workers. She brought me to the end of the beach house. I see beautiful lighting from every corner of the way. At the end of the beach, I saw a beautiful set up table for two people.

I saw someone standing at the table. H's looking at the front, not facing me. But then he slowly turned around.

"Heng Ruo?" I muttered to myself, quite surprised by everything. "What are you doing? What are we doing here? Aren't we supposed to be with everyone else to toast the barbecue?" I inquired, my curiosity bursting forth from my mouth.

"I have a confession to tell you." He looked so handsome in his suit. I suddenly became shy with my own clothes. I look down at my blouse and skirt.

"You look beautiful no matter what clothes you are wearing." He complimented. I feel my face suddenly burn with his words.

He came closer to me, tugging my hair out of my face. He looked at me and kissed me softly.

'He loves me' and I don't need him to tell me those words anymore. I can see it in his eyes. He looks at me like I'm his world.

I beamed at him.

He brought me towards the table. He pulled the chair for me and asked me to sit on it with his eyes.

We sat down to enjoy our meal, and one of the workers served our food. While waiting for the next course to be served properly, we were talking to each other. Like our previous dates, we like to talk about random things. It's common to our daily life. We never felt awkward with each other.

Sometimes he's teasing me. And some other times I'm the one who's teasing him back. Our relationship is so simple. We have never passed toward the sexual thing yet, like making love.

After the food is served, We eat it silently. In a peaceful silence.

After we eat our dinner, he stands up and walks toward me. He pulled my hands to help me stand from my chairs.

He brought me to the beach. There is a long bench in the corner. We sat there while holding our hands together.

I looked at him. He seems nervous. "Are you okay?" I ask him. He looked at me, assuring me that he was fine. He then coughed, then...

"Ehemm. My little Rina, I know we have been in this relationship for only 6 months, but these past six months are the happiest months in my life.

I'm glad you have searched for me to teach you how to play the violin. I'm really, really glad that I opened up to you on that day. I'm glad that I kissed you on that day.

And I'm really glad that you confessed your love towards me. Although at that time I was still unsure with my feelings, I'm really glad that you still stayed beside me despite my words hurting you when I told you that I wasn't ready to tell anyone about us. I'm really sorry for that. Forgive me, my little Rina...

And I love you, Baby" He said. His eyes are sparkling. I bet he must be so happy. I tried looking at his eyes, but my eyes are now blurred. Blurred with tears now streaming forth from my eyes.

My God! He's confessing his love to me. He loves me. It's not a one-sided love anymore. He really loves me.

I feel so overwhelmed with his words. I was dazed for a moment until I felt his lip against mine. He moves his lip, then he pulls mine. "Baby, please respond to me." He pleaded.

I look at him. With a smile, I responded, "Now you'll be stuck with me forever." He only smiled back, saying "Let's go to our room."

We went back, walking together, hand in hand. I feel so jubilant.

After we arrived at our room, we decided to take a bath. It is already 10 o'clock at night. He took a bath first then he went out wearing white bathrobe. As soon as he went out, I went in to take my bath. I also came out with my bathing robe. I stepped out of the bathroom, drying my hair with another towel.


🍋Some mature content only for adult🍋

I feel someone hug me from behind. He pull my towel and throw it away, he pushed my hair aside and kissed my neck slowly. I felt pleasure when he bit into it. He bit my right ear and kissed it.

I moan from his biting. He pulled me in the bride style and put me on his bed softly. He touched my cheeks with his own fingers.

He kissed my forehead then my eyes, the kiss trailed lower and lower.Until he kissed my mouth. I surround my hand on his neck. I respond to his kisses. He put in his tongue and explored every corner of it.

"Ah..nn..Hen...g" My breath became messed. He kissed me until I could feel the kiss become lower. He kisses my neck. He kisses it then bit it, leaving a hickey for people to see.

His hand goes to my robe, he pulls the tie. When my bathrobe is open, He sees my naked body. I didn't wear anything inside my robe and I know he also did the same.

He kissed my breast and then sucked it. My breathing now feels hitched with every move he makes.

"Heng.. not there please...n...nnm. haa. Please.."I moan his name. I don't know what to feel anymore. I feel so aroused with pleasure and at the same time feel horny.

His kisses trailed lower and lower until he met my 'sister'. He sucked it slowly, then began sucking it more roughly.

I moan loudly. "Yes.. yes. There. please no..." I felt being driven to the edge with ecstasy now.

He kisses me while his finger prepares me. He put one finger. In and out. It become two and three. "There, there! Baby.... please. I pleaded with him.

"Please what baby girl?" He said. "Please put yours in mine daddy." I said to him. I pull his bathrobe. I begin to explore his body and abs with my hands. When I reach his 'little brother' his voice becomes more and more heavy. " not now. You have to wait. I don't want to come outside you baby" he said.

"Then what were you waiting for daddy? Make love to me please, daddy." I said to him with a sexier voice.

"Okay baby. Are you ready? I'm going in... If it hurts tell me. I will stop." I saw him wear a condom on it.

He put in his 'little brother' in me, slowly and slowly.

"Mmm..haahhh...Daddy, hmmm. It hurts."I moan to him. He shoves it in a little more and waits for me to get used to it. After I squeezed my 'sister', he began his conquest, move in and out of me.

"Daddy....hmmmm. slow ..down.. o..kay. there....faster.. daddy. Heng. Moeew... Please" I moaned and mewled loudly.

He pulls in and out for an hour, his breath becoming so heavy. "Baby.. so i want to cum..nmnmm. my gosh." He groaned at my right ear. He placed my leg above his shoulder to pump into it even more.

"Babby. I want..cum" he said. "So Rina..ahhhhhhh." He filled his cum in the condom. And i released my cum together with him. He hovered above me and looked at me.

I saw him take another condom. "Another round baby. Daddy wants you. Daddy wants to pump into you even more." He naughtily said.

Then we went for another round and another until dawn.



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I need to apologize to my editor-chan for not warning you about this adult scene. I'm sorry na~~

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