Arc 3.9- Zhang

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Rina's PoV

We been walking side by side while he holding my hand in his. I look at him, waiting for him to see me. Try to get his attention, he not talking with me since we get out from Palace. I felt nervous.

"Zhang... Are you mad at Rina?" I asked him. He tilt his head to look at me, he then shake his head but still not talking to me.

When we arrived at my house, I pull him to sit on bench at backyard "Zhang..not agreed with this right? Rina thought that you would, Rina is sorry. But Rina can't let Zhang Ying alone, he soul is same with your. Rina can't let him go. Rina love Zhang. But Rina also love Zhang Ying. Zhang na~~~ please look at me" I can felt nervous hit me, I felt afraid if he didn't agreed with me.

Zhang Ying soul is the same as Kai and Heng. Zhang Yong also have the same soul as my previous lover. I can't let both of them go. "If I left you, will you be okay?" He asked me. "Left to Where? Don't left, please don't left Rina" I said to him, I can felt shiver to my whole body.

"But Rina, you can't love both of us.." I cut his words, I need him to understand our situations. "Zhang don't love me anymore right? You trying to make excuse to left me." I look at both of my hand before standing up. I sit in front of him. I held both of his hands

"If Zhang don't agreed, just said it. You don't have to left us. Let me left both of you. Im the one who cause this scene. Im the one who love both of you. Rina is the one who to be blamed with. Rina don't think about Zhang feeling at all. How stupid Rina is. Let me make it right, Rina will tell Zhang Ying to cancel all of this. And let's break off our engagement. Rina don't want Zhang Ying think Rina choose Zhang, but didn't choose Zhang Ying. Let Rina love both of you in silence." I kiss his palm before stood up.

Maybe this is the right decision.

I smile thinly at him. "My little Rina always make false assumptions in her thought" he pull up me to sit on his lap. "What I mean is, you can't love both of us if one of us is missing. Let's called my little brother here, Introduce him to your grandfather as your lover too. Zhang don't want Zhang Ying to felt, You love me more than him. Understand, wifey?" He pinch my left cheek before rub it.

"So soft and beautiful. You been growning up to be a beautiful woman" he look at me with loving eyes. I feel my cheeks  getting hot, I hide my face in  a crooks of his neck. "Ermm... Let's called Zhang Ying. We will meet my grandfather together with your parent" I said to him, I pull off from him before asked one of Zhang Ying guards who been following us until we arrived at my house.

"Can you asked Zhang Ying to come here, and say to him that I want him to meet my grandfather together with Zhang Yong" I say to Gu. Zhang Ying trusted guard, he nodded his before start running toward Palace. Its actually not far from here. But its kinda far to me, because I hate running, especially in hot summer.

Zhang Yong go to his parent house, while I'm waiting for both of my mans to come to me. I go into Grandfather house while waiting for th to arrived. I greet Grandfather and search for Wang Yong. I know he already here. There he is, sitting on pads at the dining table.

I run to Wang Yong, and back hugged him. "Rina miss you so much Wang Yong gege. How are you? Are you hurt anywhere? Let me see your face." I hold Wang Yong  cheeks. He is eating so when i hold his cheeks, he look so funny. I chuckled and let his cheeks go.

I been telling Wang Yong, everything on what i did in these past years when he was gone to army. And I also told Grandfather we will have a guest.

After about one hour, they all safely arrived in front of my house. I walk in first before called them to come in. Both of My grandfather and Zhang's Father is best friend. While both of Zhang's Mother and I is best friend in different way. We like to exchange recipes in cooking.

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